QWEEN is the brainchild of three super busy, and super charged mothers, who , after motherhood, bounced back into their careers with more vigor and passion than ever before. What struck them hard was the fact that though they were able to make the transitions smoothly, there were (and still are) thousands of women who do not get a platform where they can explore the possibilities and live up to their true potential. And QWEEN was born to support these women in whatever way possible, encourage and motivate them to be their best always, and never ever look back, just like QWEEN hasn't!


To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help them cooperate, collaborate, nurture and grow together and to bring them closer to achieving their true potential by encouraging work-from-home as well as flexible job opportunities with Industry and Corporate Sector, there by contributing to Skill India Mission of Government of India


To provide training and development opportunities to women, creating a crowd sourcing network readily available to be used to fulfill both long term and short term projects and job requirements by ensuring a symbiotic relationship between women and corporations and facilitate small businesses

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Co-Founder, QWEEN
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