Get -set –go!!! Start your tomorrow’s workout, today!

In every group meeting, you can find women discussing about health, nutrition, workouts and fitness over meals. While eating a samosa and drinking latte coffee laden with two pouches of sugar, (brown , of course) people lament and indulge in self pity how they are unable to find time and energy to start the workout to get back in shape.

Everyone points to their “problem areas” –pinching flabby arms, thighs, tummies and saying “this should go”.In comes a sudden crisis. You are diagnosed with borderline diabetic tendencies, or your cholesterol levels are dangerously high, or there is a wedding in the family and you have to look “slim”. Suddenly, your attitude changes, you find time to workout, cut down on foods that are unhealthy, chalk out a diet plan, buy those new expensive shoes, maybe a few color coordinated dresses and hit the gym with a vengeance.
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