Letter to Santa by a Work-From-Home Mother!

My Top 10 wish list for Christmas!

Dear Santa

Yes, finally, I could make my reluctant- to- hold- a- pencil- but- ready- to- paint- the- town(and my lacquered ,newly minted walls) -red son to write a letter to you.

Of course I put in ideas in his head as to what he should ask you !

You think you could deliver a rocket to go to the moon and back, a “real gun” and a house made of candy , home delivered , or should I say, Amazon delivered for a 4 year old in a 1500 sq Flat?

Before your cuddly grandpa like ho ho ho becomes Ha Ha Ha , I too have a wish list of my own.

I thought I’d help you out this year since I know a few home-based working moms, and I may be able to tell you what is on a lot of their lists. So to save you some time, I’ve put together the top ten things Work-from-home women want For Christmas

10.  Your Elf please!- We want them badly to help entertain the children so we can get some- in fact- ANY work done.

9.  One more Elf Please !- We want another elf to help get all the Christmas shopping done, yeah, even for online shopping we need one, so while I work on my latest project past its deadline 10 days ago, your elfie can use my phone for online shopping!

8.  And just one elf to wrap all those gifts.

7. Errrrrr… One more elf to decorate the tree, the house , and one to keep watch so the kids don’t knock it over.

6.  An elf would be nice to put those lights up that Hubby has been postponing to get down since Diwali so we could put the new ones for Christmas!

5. One Elf for cleaning up the house, and of course to fold all that laundry! oh please say you will.

4. It would be great if we could borrow Mrs. Claus just to do some Christmas baking for us!

3. And Santa, can you send a personal trainer elf to get rid of some of these extra holiday pounds?

2.  Oh and an extra wonderful, loving elf to watch these lil angels so husband & I can attend a holiday party would  just be perfect!
And Santa, the top thing QWEENs want for Christmas is……


  1. Some of that magical dust for more hours in the day!



10 Commandments to Ace an Interview

women-forbes-magazineDid you know that only 68% Indian women are confident about finding a job within the next three months as compared to 72% men who said they will find a new job in next 6 months?*

How long do you think an employer takes to gauge if the candidate is suitable for a job? According to a survey conducted by Career Builder India# on more than 400 employers, more than 50% of employers know within 5 minutes of an interview if a candidate is good fit for a position. This number increased to a whopping 91% of employers who were sure about a candidate within 15 minutes of interviewing them.

These findings point out to one thing, your window of opportunity to make an impression and land a dream job is hardly 15 minutes to the max. Are you up for it? Are you prepared to put your best foot forward?

As per Forbes Magazine,these are your 10 commandments to follow during an interview ^

  1. Suitable Attire-In US, recruiting firm Adecco conducted a survey which pointed out that 70% employers feel the biggest mistake a candidate makes is appearing for an interview in inappropriate attire. So those open toed slip ons are a big no no if you are appearing for a job as a paralegal.
  2. Punctuality- Only 10 % of employers felt that new generation candidates are organised and professional. Arriving early will give you a headstart over other candidates, avoid last minute hassles like traffic jams, and will give you a breather to go in the wash room and compose yourself .
  3. Plan ahead and Plan well- Get extra copies of your résumé, even if you have mailed a few earlier. Carry your identification documents, your qualification certificates etc in a neat folder and carry copies too. Make sure everything is organised neatly and you could leave a set of your papers the moment they are asked for.
  4. Do your homework- Check about company, your role, profiles of interviewers, company’s vision, financials, competitors, challenges. Not just facts, you must develop your own original opinions about all these factors. You should also check out amongst your LinkedIn contacts if you know someone who is working in the company to know about work environment and organisational culture.
  5. Body Language- Acing the job interview isn’t just about how you answer the interviewer’s questions. It is also about what your body language says about you. Employers look for non –verbal cues to indicate your level of professionalism and check if you will be the right fit for position. So hold your head and plant your feet. Appear confident and in control.Untitled
  6. Ask The Right Questions – Show concern, be prepared with intelligent ,logical questions about your personal growth with respect to your job profile in the company.Smartly ask when and how would they like to hear back from you, this tactic will help you in following up later.
  7. Lighten up- You may have strong views about what is appropriate or inappropriate But what if you are asked in an interview- “ Are you in a relationship or looking out for marriage anytime soon?” If you really want the job, don’t be disapproving of the question. Instead of getting offended or losing your composure, try and understand the reason for the question. The interviewer is probably trying to ask about your availability or dedication. So you can respond with evidence of your dedication and willingness to work hard — instead of just providing personal information.Handle such questions tactfully with a tinge of humour. Like one fellow QWEEN recently remarked “ During an interview, the interviewers first described how his company was an institution with a heart. Later on, he started asking personal questions like what my parents thought about my working, or whether I plan to get hitched anytime soon. Obviously, i was getting edgy and unnerved. Then , I took hold of my emotions and answered him that since he has been telling me about his institution’s humane facade, I am sure he would have a heart to adjust when I take time off for getting married or having a family in future. Needless to mention, he and everyone else on the panel was smiling and the job was mine in no time”
  8.  Clean up your social media mess- Lurid photos of a wild girl’s night out, opinionated political views, use of abusive language, your connections, they all matter to prospective employers who naturally peruse your social media presence before interviewing you. If you do not want to answer uncomfortable questions, or do not want to explain your views on punk and rock metal, make sure you clean up your act. Get rid of potentially compromising content, profanity and too personal information that might make you look cheap.
  9.  Don’t Oversell- The most common question is – Why do you think you are suitable for job? Sell yourself but don’t brag about it. While explaining what you would do in a hypothetical crisis, stick to specifics. Do not launch yourself into explaining what you did at your old company in similar situation. Be humble when you describe your achievements.Show that you could be a team player, if need be and stop making a heroine out of yourself.
  10. Keep in Touch-Ask your interviewer whom should you get in touch with for follow up. Keep a smile and say good bye to the contact person before you leave. Assure them you will be available for anything that interviewer may wish to discuss later. Ask them the appropriate time and mode of follow up about the outcome. Do not hound others. They are sure to get back if you followed everything to the T from above. 


    ^ http://www.forbes.com/pictures/efld45gghg/dress-to-impress/


    # http://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/no-eye-contact-biggest-mistake-during-job-interview-survey/46438859


    7. rviewer


Five most important people in a working woman’s life

I could have always relied on my smartphone to wake me up every morning. But do you know what’s been the best alarm for me? Tried, trusted and popular? Well of course, there may be glitches once every few months. Nothing or no one is perfect. The answer – my domestic helper of course.

I don’t have a live-in maid. I have someone who comes over once every morning to collect the garbage and help with the basic chores. She leaves almost as soon as she arrives, within minutes it seems. But she doubles up as my alarm clock, almost daily.
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