Earning money the play-way- Toys and books rentals Franchise

Toy rentals franchise is your way of getting loyal, friendly customers who just want what you have to offer, toys! A franchise model with zero royalty fee where you get 100% returns from your investment is the best way to start your business from home!

Many of us out here are parents who buy toys almost every week. When my baby was just born, I had this image of him with an angelic face playing amongst a well appointed room full of his toys. Come to think of it, this is what everyone of us wants for kids. But what we don’t realise till its very late is that children have a very low attention span, and anything new, whether it is worth Rs 20 or Rs 2000, has its fun and value only for a few minutes, and then it gets piled up with other toys – neglected and used only occasionally.

The constant grouse “ I have nothing to play with” has become so common in our home that I am more than sure that if we went on this way, we will soon have a place full of toys and nothing else!

What came to my rescue when my baby was young was this toy rental company, which helped me in various ways!

I could select toys for a set period of time, they were delivered and picked up by them. This way, I could decide whether my baby would show any interest in any toy, and I would buy it only after seeing him play with it for a longer period of time than others. It really saved me from a lot many potentially useless purchases. I realised that it is always better to rent the toys out than investing in them, as they can be reused by others, saving a lot of money for everyone, and in a way, its beneficial for the environment as well!!

But that was not all, the best part was he was playing with expensive, hard to invest in toys at a fraction of a cost! This try and buy mechanism, and of course, renting toys that were way too expensive to make a one time investment  was so convenient and child friendly I was totally impressed and hooked!

So here is our idea for you- Toys and Books Rentals Franchise, a business which is evergreen, has loyal clients ( kids!!) and you will always be in demand!

Here are some of the benefits of opening your own toy rental business!

  • Purely a work from home opportunity
  • Hardly needs more than 2-3 hours of time every day
  • You really don’t need any work-experience!
  • You are indulging in something which is everyone’s favourite- Toys!
  • The payouts are steady and huge, because most people are always in the need of new toys and books for their kids all the time!
  • You could recover your investment in a year’s time!!
  • Your customer base would be huge, and age group could be 0-18 years, or even any age for toys like board games etc that can be used by adults too!!
  • It is cooperative, sustainable and fun!


If you have been hooked so far and still reading it, here is more, you do not have to take out your shopping bags and hunt for toys and books for little ones. You can get well researched, most popular toys and books from an established brand. How?

Read on!

Go for a Toy  Library Franchise! This is the most convenient way to own your own business from home, and get the most of your investment and time. All you need is a regular seed investment, (not one time, mind you) you are allowed to make staggered investments starting from as low as Rs 2.5 Lacs for all the toys, books, stationery, and everything else that you would need to set up your own library. And your first years profit net of expenses on a lower side could be upto Rs 8 lacs!!

Sign up for toys franchise today, the biggest reward would be the smile on the faces of your happy customers!!



How to get work even if you have zero work experience

The year was 2015. Freshly graduated, Nita had a lot of dreams about her career. And then it happened. Her father finally found a good match for her. Everything was picture perfect. For some time, Nita also forgot that she had planned a career ahead. Happily married, first few years went away in settling in new routine and getting used to married life. Motherhood followed, and slowly all her past life was relegated to old albums and faint memories.

One day, at a school reunion, she met a friend. Her friend was working with an MNC. Nita was struck by her personality, and found herself a little pulled down by the fact that despite scoring better throughout, she had nothing much to say about what she is doing. Though she knew she was doing far more work as a homemaker, she suddenly realised that all her hard work during her school and college days amounted to nothing.Instead of feeling good and positive after the reunion, she came back depressed.

Sounds familiar? Is it your story or of someone you know? Read on…

Never one to give up, she decided to look for opportunities. Every afternoon, she would sit down and look for opportunities in newspapers, as well as online. Though she was skeptical that most of the jobs might want some kind of prior work experience, she was delighted to learn that it was never too late to start working again.

How? What was it that Nita found that was both satisfying, rewarding and didn’t require her to venture out of home?

Watch this video to find out!!



How to get work with Zero Work Experience- QWEEN


Handwriting Analysis ( Graphology)- A career in fine strokes

Did you know that a person’s handwriting could depict more than 5000 traits of his personality? Or that you can actually change a lot of things about your internal behaviour simply by a stroke?

Graphology or hand-writing analysis in simple terms, is one such science. IT speaks volumes about the writer’s personality. It can provide valuable insights into one’s personality with only a few words scribbled hurriedly on a piece of paper or the doodles that they drew in an oblivious mood. Graphology is based on the analysis of handwriting. It believes that a person’s handwriting gives usa  pricture of the mind’s status by the way letters bend, slant, spaces , size etc.

Hitler’s signature always had an upward rise, which explains his unprecedented thirst for power and achievements.  A person’s handwriting mirrors his/her psychology and graphology is the method by which his/her personality can be analysed, evaluated and identified.

Where is Graphology being used?

Graphology gives an extra, valuable tool in many different professions, and a graphologist can make a career out of it right from the comfort of their home.

The fields where graphology is successfully used are-

  1. Aptitude analysis- Based on a person’s handwriting, a graphologist can actually assess and evaluate a students or a prospective employee’s attitude, general behaviour and a lot of hidden personality traits. Since it is not gender specific, and does not reveal age, sex or race, it is a very effective tool to evaluate and assess a personality without gender discrimination. It serves as an added means of assessing for career guidance, vocational guidance and  behaviour therapy as well as background evaluation. Some organisations send handwritten sheets of candidates to graphologists before hiring as merely face to face interview cannot get cent percent insight into a person’s psyche!
  2. Legal services- A Graphologist’s services are very much in demand to check authenticity of legal documents like wills, letters , financial instruments etc. Many government agencies employ graphologists during critical cases like forgery, economic offences and criminal cases too! Even court and police departments need handwritten materials found at crime-scenes to be analysed by graphologists
  3. Teaching- A Trained graphologist can teach others to resolve their issues by simply changing the way they write. Hand writing with confident , full strokes convey a lot about a person and many people have claimed to have benefitted from advice of graphologists .

What is needed to be a successful graphologist?

There are no rigid criteria for someone aspiring to be a graphologist. Someone with good communication skills, desire to explore, intelligence, inquisitiveness, sharp eye, ability to notice minute details and a desire to understand and analyse people is well suited for studying it. Some practice it out of passion and some take it as their profession.

How much can a graphologist earn?

Graphology, combined with techniques like personality assessment and other techniques, can yield a very successful and rewarding career. With regular sessions, a graphologist can easily earn upto Rs 50000/-  a month combining online, offline consultations, teaching, and other such assignments.

Mohan Bose, director, Kolkata Institute of Graphology says, “Graphology is a psychological tool to understand human personality where there’s a need to know a particular human. It is a diagnostic tool also which can help one in choosing career as a child counsellor. This is called grapho therapy where problem is diagnosed. In HR and legal areas help of graphologists are always sought by corporate biggies as well as in legal areas. One can use graphology in stress management also as by writing a particular positive sentence five times a day helps reduce stress as a result of neuro-muscular activities that it triggers.”

QWEEN is providing a complete Graphology workshop with a trained graphologist. Click here to know more





Tarot Reading- 5 steps to a healing and satisfying profession

Modernisation has brought with it a host of problems. The level of stress has increased and hence people are turning to new-age healers for solutions.
Ask any lifestyle magazine or newspaper, their mailbox is filled with readers’ letters for tarot card readers asking for solutions to their daily problems.
Today, a tarot reader’s studio is always buzzing with people from all walks of life seeking readings for stress management, meditation, healing and solutions to their problems.
Tarot card readers are required everywhere, from television and radio to events, cultural programmes, social gatherings, kitty parties, and so on. Besides, the corporate sector, event management companies, sports, appoint tarot card readers before a new launch, event or game.

Modern India is experiencing a whole range of career options and one such new-age career with bright prospects, but still unexplored, is tarot card reading. With people getting more restless to know what their future holds, palm-readers, numerologists, astrologers and tarot card readers are prospering.

Who is a Tarot Reader?
A tarot card reader predicts the future of clients by reading tarot cards and also suggests remedies to their problems. Tarot reading revolves around the fact that the cards can be used to gain insight into the current and possible future situations of the client.
The images on tarot cards energize and help identify problems and solutions. A good tarot reader not only reads the cards but also endeavors to awaken the inner self of the client. Each card has a variety of symbolic meanings that have evolved over the years.

What does one need to be a Tarot Reader?

Here’s a list of attributes and skills you need to focus on to become a really good reader. These are guidelines, rather than rules.

  • Be a good listener. You are not there to demonstrate your awesome skill, you are there to give your client some much-needed support. Hear what they are saying, repeat it back to them in your own words, if necessary. Really try to understand their point-of-view. Just as importantly, you must also be able to be objective and see the situation neutrally.
  • Know your cards as well as you possibly can. Improve your knowledge on a daily basis by drawing a card a day, keeping a tarot journal, reading many books and talking to other tarot readers. Practice, practice, practice. These things are not chores, they are part of the process of learning the tarot.
  • You need some measure of counselling skills. You might be instinctively good at dealing with people, especially if you have a lot of life experience. You should know if you can be direct with a client, or whether you need to be more circumspect. Some people like their readings ‘straight’, some are terrified of hearing bad news. Senses are heightened during a reading; that person is completely focused on your words so remember that something you say might fix itself in the seeker’s mind for the rest of their life. Look into acquiring a basic counselling qualification.
  • Be a good communicator. You must enjoy interacting with people, and you must be able to get your message across in such a manner that you are not misunderstood. Don’t overpower the seeker with tarot jargon. They don’t care much about the tarot itself, they are only interested in the situation that they are consulting you about. If you can get them to really look at the card and express how it makes them feel, then you are doing really well.
  • Work on developing your intuition. This will come the more you practice. Try doing tarot readings for unfolding news stories. See how the cards reflect real life situations. Play tarot games. There are many books, websites and courses available that provide exercises for the budding reader. 

How much can one expect to earn as a tarot reader?

The earning depends on the kind of work and project a tarot reader is working on.Remuneration is not usually fixed. A beginner can charge between Rs 100-500 for half an hour. Experienced tarot readers can charge from Rs 2,000-5,000. For bigger projects like real estate and construction companies, one can even charge Rs 10,000-15,000 per project.

Tarot Reading is a satisfying profession involving a lot of give and take, and like healers and therapists, it is a very rewarding profession for those who practice it with full energy and honesty. Many people today face issues that they are unable to handle by themselves, and a good tarot reader can guide them in a way they can accept the reality of their problems and strive to work hard to overcome them.

QWEEN provides extensive tarot reading workshop, which is an extensive 3 month course on  tarot card reading skills and little bit of numerology according to your birth dates. You will be able to know the nature of that person and his or her past present and future. This is relevant for 6 months of that particular person. It helps to bring positiveness in that person also.

To register, click here- 



Why I Work from home- Candid Confessions

I often get asked this question that why do I prefer working from home over going to work?

So I decided to make some confessions out here where most women who are working- from-home like me would nod away their heads, and hopefully with these candor I would be able to convince the other half who are yet to take the plunge will be motivated to at least give it a try.

  1. When I started, I made – Nothing!! I started with no expectations of getting paid. You heard it right, after working in corporate sector for 10 years, I had no hopes that a) I will get a decent job working from home b) It will even cover the cost of my internet. I always wanted to do what I liked, and I always had this fear that doing what you love is never going to pay for your bills. In my early days, I only focused on learning opportunities, so that I had a strong base over time. And that’s what happened!
  2. I had no clue what I was doing could be done on a sustainable basis- I tried my hands at a lot many things when I started working from home, basically I spread and stretched myself to as many things possible, so that when it is all over, I would know where I stand and what will be a good balance between what I like doing, and what does pay me a respectable amount for my time.
  3. Going back was no option- I had made up my mind about a few things, I would not go back to my job, and I would not get into sales. I always wanted to remain in the background, and never wanted to be someone whom people will shy away from the moment she walked in- lest she pitches another product! Much as I wanted to, sales didn’t leave me, but still I restricted myself to give in to faster money in the initial days by resisting becoming a retailer or reseller.
  4. I trained as much as I could- I still do!- I decided to take online training, offline workshops, seminars, webinars, read about whatever field I was getting into, and gave my best. If it was about reviews and audits, I learnt what they were online, read lots of guides and resources, and then dug my heels and did it religiously for as long as I could bear. If it still didn’t work out I would move on.
  5. I would bounce off ideas with a best friend or a support group – Often, I would get passionate about one thing, gave it all, and then realise that the money I was making was not even sufficient to cover my fuel expenses! But since I would always end up loving whatever I was doing, learning to say no was a long, painful process. I had a support group and my friends to bounce off my ideas. I would ask them if they thought it was worth my time and energy. My husband would always be very supportive through this decision. Without getting judgmental or making fun of it, my network would help me quit doing what I was doing without getting into a mess, and focus my energies on something else which would at least give me satisfaction.
  6. I persisted, so I prevailed- I made sure I would keep doing what I loved, and when there was a small opening, I would be the first one to apply. I kept my deck of work, published URLs, important emails, and my CV always ready. It helped me in applying to the jobs as soon as they got published. My mailbox used to be full with email templates which I could use without wasting my time. Most Work-From-Home opportunities have a small shelf life, and a large number of people apply for them. Those who apply first, are well organised, prepared, and already doing something or have undergone training are most likely to be selected. Common sense, isn’t it?
  7. I categorised working hour zones- Most often, work-from-home women are asked about their schedules in detail. Initially I simply could not draw a boundary and could never convincingly answer the question because I didn’t know how much time I would be able to consistently give to my work. Not anymore. I now know I have some working hour zones which are totally uninterrupted and these zones are tried to maximise my productivity on. The other times, I simply try and glide through the work which does not really require a lot of attention. So as I am writing this heartfelt blog at 5 am in the morning, this is the time I find myself most creative and flooded with ideas. As the day progresses, the routine life takes over and everything has its own time. My workout, a quick nap and even a cup of coffee with a friend, all has a slot.I am somewhere in the middle of half time working, other half finishing chores. But I rest easy because I have about 3 to 4 safe one hour work zones during the day.
  8. I take one day at a time and don’t fret over the past- I don’t look back, because I don’t have to go that way. I plan my work schedule a day in advance while I am going through anything. It need not be something in detail, but I write down things that I have to do next day. Whenever I come across something interesting that I can use for my work, I mail it to myself, and when I am running low on creative juices, I simply borrow from these stashed references to sail through the day. I do not break my head over how pathetic I am anymore. I just move on.

Work-From-Home  has always been perceived as a step lower than a regular 9 to 5 job. But to say it is easier than working at office is like  living in a fool’s world. A woman working from home has to prioritize a lot more than an office goer who simply tosses all her household work and other chores for the weekend. A work-from-home mother becomes more disciplined with the way she allocates time to every aspect of her life- children, home, family and work. But it does give you a sense of control like nothing else, and if you get an authentic work-from-home opportunities provider like QWEEN, you will definitely enjoy the elation you feel when money gets credited in your bank, every time!



Letter to Santa by a Work-From-Home Mother!

My Top 10 wish list for Christmas!

Dear Santa

Yes, finally, I could make my reluctant- to- hold- a- pencil- but- ready- to- paint- the- town(and my lacquered ,newly minted walls) -red son to write a letter to you.

Of course I put in ideas in his head as to what he should ask you !

You think you could deliver a rocket to go to the moon and back, a “real gun” and a house made of candy , home delivered , or should I say, Amazon delivered for a 4 year old in a 1500 sq Flat?

Before your cuddly grandpa like ho ho ho becomes Ha Ha Ha , I too have a wish list of my own.

I thought I’d help you out this year since I know a few home-based working moms, and I may be able to tell you what is on a lot of their lists. So to save you some time, I’ve put together the top ten things Work-from-home women want For Christmas

10.  Your Elf please!- We want them badly to help entertain the children so we can get some- in fact- ANY work done.

9.  One more Elf Please !- We want another elf to help get all the Christmas shopping done, yeah, even for online shopping we need one, so while I work on my latest project past its deadline 10 days ago, your elfie can use my phone for online shopping!

8.  And just one elf to wrap all those gifts.

7. Errrrrr… One more elf to decorate the tree, the house , and one to keep watch so the kids don’t knock it over.

6.  An elf would be nice to put those lights up that Hubby has been postponing to get down since Diwali so we could put the new ones for Christmas!

5. One Elf for cleaning up the house, and of course to fold all that laundry! oh please say you will.

4. It would be great if we could borrow Mrs. Claus just to do some Christmas baking for us!

3. And Santa, can you send a personal trainer elf to get rid of some of these extra holiday pounds?

2.  Oh and an extra wonderful, loving elf to watch these lil angels so husband & I can attend a holiday party would  just be perfect!
And Santa, the top thing QWEENs want for Christmas is……


  1. Some of that magical dust for more hours in the day!



Clarified Better- A career in cooking

From the gluttons to gourmets, fitness freaks to people having jaded palates, all of us would surely love to pamper out taste buds with some amazing tickling flavors.Do the exotic spices and the colorful sight of food fascinate you? Do you often find yourself deconstructing a dish while eating it at a restaurant and constantly feel you can do more? If yes, then “Chef” is the career for you! you can try out the specialized and amazing art of cooking.  It is all about ingredients, nutrition, techniques, recipes and flavors.

Can you be a chef?Ask yourself these 5 simple questions and evaluate if you have it in you to cook up a storm, and endure it!

  1. Do you really love cooking? And if Yes, How Much?

Seasoned chefs will tell you that cooking at home for your family and cooking for 100 people is much different, and they are right. Ask yourself what aspects about cooking you really enjoy. Is it the satisfaction of a job well done? Is it the chance to impress your friends, or show them your culinary abilities? Job satisfaction from a commercial cooking career comes from completely different places. You must get used to the idea that you won’t always get recognition for your hard work from your customers. A cooking career is a very humbling profession where you must internalize your own success.If you love cooking on a fundamental level, or have no qualms about the nature of the business, then you might be of the right cut to be successful at a cooking career. But professional or not, it’s important to remember that just because you love cooking does not always mean you should devote your life to it. If cooking is a hobby, then turning it into a cooking career means turning it into work!!

  1. How well do you handle stress?

One of the biggest factors that determines a good cook is their ability to manage stress. Cooks and chefs deal with short term stress on a regular basis. The chaos that arises on any given day can fluster even the most prepared cook. Your ability to adapt to an ever-changing set of circumstances is vital. While you may not have that skill set as a beginner, it is something you will have to develop as you get better. One should be prepared to experiment and explore varied food ingredients. You should have enough knowledge about the different kinds of cuisines not only of your own country but globally. Most importantly, a good chef must be able to deal with criticism from the customers.The good news is that cooking stress is a short term problem. It only  lasts till the preparations and will go away once order is completed and delivered. That means that you won’t be taking the stress to bed  with you and it is easy to leave work stress at kitchen counter.

  1. Are you a multi-tasker ?

A home chef must understand the importance of timing and multi-tasking is the only way to keep up! Not only do you have to multi-task incredibly time sensitive dishes, but there ends up being multiple layers upon each multi-task. If you have these skills, then you may be right for a cooking career.multi-tasking is not just about managing one or two things at once, but coordinating them so they all work as a harmonious whole. The personal attributes to become a good chef lies less with cooking and more with management. You are expected to be familiar with labor cost, food cost, fire code, public health regulations, interpersonal skills, planning and organizing the kitchen work, developing new and interesting menus, catering for those customers having food allergies and many more.

  1. Are you creative enough?

A famous chef once said that no recipe is original and that everybody steals recipes from everybody. The truth is that creativity plays an important part in whether that statement will ring true for you or not. Yes, a lot of recipes are taken, modified, and called someone else’s. But if you have the creativity to develop your own recipes and methods then you define your own career. One, who desires a bright future in this field, should have the ability to adapt to varying food habits and culture of the people. Further, one should keep oneself updated with knowledge and skills, cooking technologies and methods etc. As you develop your skillset, creativity becomes easier as you draw from experience to fill the gaps. As a cook, you will notice that the right time for creativity continually rises. Not having the creativity to develop new and exciting dishes will disqualify you from a cooking career.

  1. Can you work at odd hours?

Going for a career as a chef, is a good move but only when you are prepared for standing for long hours, enduring cuts and burns, working under pressure, working in the hot environment amidst fumes .Working –from home, you will find that you do shift work and you tend to have regimented schedule of prep time, service time, and clean up time. But it is important to understand that the more time you spend cooking, the faster you’re going to become better. If you have any desire to become a great chef, you have to put in the hours at the best training under the best chefs. Your training is only as good as whoever is teaching you. If you’re in a situation where your career is stagnant, you have to move and go somewhere you can learn more. How far you go in your cooking career is up to you. If you put in the hours needed to become a professional. Love and passion for food, service mentality, sincerity, and calmness are among the other pre-requisites

Career options

As a home chef, you could be any of the following-

  • Hospital caterer
  • School/ college caterer
  • Wedding/ event caterer / party
  • Railways /Airline/cruise ships caterer
  • Base kitchen caterer
  • Cookery show host
  • Recipe book writer
  • Restaurant reviewer
  • Food Blogger

..and many more!!

So explore an amazing career as a chef, spice up the palatable and luring dishes and make your fortune out of it. If the desire to win the hearts of the people is nurtured, by serving the mass with quality food, then a career as a chef happens to be the ideal one.


A Pat in Time- Pet Care Business from home

Become a Pet Host

Some of us have a genuine love for animals. How about converting this love for pets into a work-from-home opportunity?

Many of us today have pets, and there are times we have to leave them behind. Earlier, people would ask their other pet lover friends to take care of their pets while they were gone. Today, we have pet-hosts, who, unlike the standard pet- care homes, are able to give personalised care to the pets. Many pet owners have long, demanding work hours or travel schedules, and they want a quick and easy solution to their problem of where to leave their pets when they are not at home. Here lies an awesome business opportunity! We give you a low down on how to be a pet-host, right from your home and earn anything between Rs 15000/- to Rs 50000/- a month.

Become a pet host-what you need-

  • You should be able to handle pets– Having a pet of your own helps or you should have had one in the past for a considerable amount of time, because then you have  a fair idea of animal behaviour. Even if you have never handled one, all it needs is a true love for animals.
  • You should have some open space- You might live in an apartment complex where pets are not allowed, or you live in a space that is already cramped, you might not be able to do the business properly. Pets need space; you have to dedicate a corner for them and their stuff if you want to do this from your home.You must also have open areas like parks or grounds where pets are allowed for them to go for their daily walks.
  • Invest in accessories- Invest in GPS trackers, grooming accessories, play pens, toys, sleeping mats etc. The investment in good security and safety measures is totally worth it.
  • Learn about them- You do not need to be a veterinary doctor to be a pet host. But you must learn as much as possible about them and their behaviour, and must be detailed with pet owners about their particular traits. You should take latest certificate from owners about pet’s medical condition, vaccine status,etc, and should take all the instructions, their schedule, eating habits, allergy details etc in writing from them.
  • Tie up with a local vet- You should tie up with a local veterinary doctor for unseen emergencies or routine visits. These doctors can also be your publicity mouthpieces when pet owners visit them and can recommend you.
  • Prepare a schedule- Based on requirements and daily habits of pets, make a schedule and stick to it. You must make sure they eat, sleep and play on time as given by their owners.

Caring for pets is as much of hard work as caring for children. Pet hosts charge anything between Rs 2000/- to Rs 5000/- per pet per day. Some pet-hosts do provide weekly charges as well. This should cover the cost of food and other comforts a pet is provided at your home. However, in some cases, pet hosts do ask owners to get their own food if they are particular about what their pet should or shouldn’t eat.Remember, the love you give is what is returned to you by pets. It is not only confined to dogs, and you should be able to “entertain” other guests like cats, birds, turtles, fish etc.

Happy Petting!



Nail It!!- Your next big Work-from-home Business Idea

Opportunities mostly exist where no one can see them. A simple act of putting artistic touches to your nails could be a booming work-from-home business.

We are going to talk about Nail Art today.

Nail art is essentially creating designs on nails. Like tattoos, they are a medium of self expression.

Well cared for, groomed nails create a lasting and unforgettable first impression. A nice nail art, on the other hand, takes the beauty to the next level. Many people promote social causes, create style statements, and even advertise businesses and brands through nail art. It can be done on both hand and toe nails.

Having a nail art table at the party you throw for your girl gang is the next big thing these days.

It is a great home based business idea for women. It provides a lot of flexibility in working hours and also in choosing your clientele.

How to do it-

Usually, you would need to undertake a basic course first, so you could start it small from your home. Once you get experience, you can do advanced courses like nail extensions, nail art etc.

Based on hours of input, the earnings can be pretty high.

How to scale up-

Once you have mastered the art, and have a steady client base, you can take it a step further and provide services at events, parties, and set up stand alone kiosks on your free days at shopping arenas. You can also tie up with salons and spas and provide your services in your free time.

Says Ms Gurpreet Seble, the expert  who is instrumental in bringing Nail Art to India way back in 2004, is a Governing council member  for Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council ( Government of India’s NSDC) and has  written the National Standards for Nail Education in India under Skill India project by Government of India,  I’m the Governing Council Member for Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (NSDC)- “It’s a great opportunity for home based enterprise if the person is interested in Skill, which is the Government thrust. For the educated woman whose looking at working flexible hours from home it can be a very creative option.”

And as for why QWEEN says you should give it a try? Because, “the happiest girls always have the prettiest nails” (Tammy Tailor)


Qween’s Insights for Travel Business from home

An actual review from a leading travel advisory website- ” We wanted to go to Dubai Shopping festival, but since we had kids with us, we were not sure how would we manage our travel as well as dream to shop to our heart’s content. We did not want to go to a travel operator as they all had fixed travel plans and itineraries, and we did not want to waste too much time in sight-seeing owing to our toddlers as well as most of our  budget restricted to shopping only. We approached Ms ………. who was really helpful. She was working with this wholesale travel agent, and she understood our requirements completely. Right from getting us a low cost, child friendly hotel close to the shopping malls, to our requirement for child friendly airlines, she planned everything. She made an excellent plan and we could save a lot of money and time and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Needless to say, she will be our go to person in future for all our personalized travel requirements. We feel that had we gone to a large travel operator, we would have missed out on the little personal touches, and would never have been fully satisfied.”

This excerpt clearly shows the changing face of travel industry. Unlike in the past, where a travel agent would essentially be sought to fix itinerary , book tickets and hotel reservations , today, the travelers are actually seeking more .Travel, as an industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It would be an understatement to say that every traveler is looking for something unique and thus, needs a unique travel planner, someone who is passionate about travel and can provide them in designing a plan which suits all their requirements.

Most travelers these days are looking for experiences of a lifetime, and they are bored of run-of-the-mill group tours with their fixed itineraries. They want to explore new , uncharted grounds, do not shy away from trying local cuisines, and are not really too concerned about luxury and comfort. Instead of that, they want one-of-its-kind holiday experience where they could try something new and exciting.

In come boutique travel planners, who can actually run this business from the comfort of their homes.

All they need to do is tie up with a wholesale travel agent, who will help them with all the back end support they would need to create a travel plan for their client. This wholesale travel agent will not only provide training at the initial stage, it will help them in every step of the way so they can provide the best deals and customised solutions to their clients.

The result? Happy and satisfied travelers who would bring in more business!

How it works-

Through QWEEN, you can get in touch with a wholesale travel agent

The travel agent will provide you basic training, and access to their portal.

Once you start your business, you will get full support in making a travel plan, developing itineraries, reservations, bookings etc.

You can customize the plans to suit your client’s requirement

For a fee, the wholesaler will provide you all the comfort as if running your own travel agency, and you get to keep the commission that you earn.

You will get support on email, phone,messaging services etc.

The best thing about this arrangement is there is absolutely no pressure to expand your business. If you are not upto it, you can do only one traveler per month, no questions asked! Due to completely computerised processes, you are sure to have full transparency, and what’s more, commissions are paid on a daily basis!

With QWEEN, rest assured, you and your business is in safe hands

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