Qween’s Insights for Travel Business from home

An actual review from a leading travel advisory website- ” We wanted to go to Dubai Shopping festival, but since we had kids with us, we were not sure how would we manage our travel as well as dream to shop to our heart’s content. We did not want to go to a travel operator as they all had fixed travel plans and itineraries, and we did not want to waste too much time in sight-seeing owing to our toddlers as well as most of our  budget restricted to shopping only. We approached Ms ………. who was really helpful. She was working with this wholesale travel agent, and she understood our requirements completely. Right from getting us a low cost, child friendly hotel close to the shopping malls, to our requirement for child friendly airlines, she planned everything. She made an excellent plan and we could save a lot of money and time and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Needless to say, she will be our go to person in future for all our personalized travel requirements. We feel that had we gone to a large travel operator, we would have missed out on the little personal touches, and would never have been fully satisfied.”

This excerpt clearly shows the changing face of travel industry. Unlike in the past, where a travel agent would essentially be sought to fix itinerary , book tickets and hotel reservations , today, the travelers are actually seeking more .Travel, as an industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It would be an understatement to say that every traveler is looking for something unique and thus, needs a unique travel planner, someone who is passionate about travel and can provide them in designing a plan which suits all their requirements.

Most travelers these days are looking for experiences of a lifetime, and they are bored of run-of-the-mill group tours with their fixed itineraries. They want to explore new , uncharted grounds, do not shy away from trying local cuisines, and are not really too concerned about luxury and comfort. Instead of that, they want one-of-its-kind holiday experience where they could try something new and exciting.

In come boutique travel planners, who can actually run this business from the comfort of their homes.

All they need to do is tie up with a wholesale travel agent, who will help them with all the back end support they would need to create a travel plan for their client. This wholesale travel agent will not only provide training at the initial stage, it will help them in every step of the way so they can provide the best deals and customised solutions to their clients.

The result? Happy and satisfied travelers who would bring in more business!

How it works-

Through QWEEN, you can get in touch with a wholesale travel agent

The travel agent will provide you basic training, and access to their portal.

Once you start your business, you will get full support in making a travel plan, developing itineraries, reservations, bookings etc.

You can customize the plans to suit your client’s requirement

For a fee, the wholesaler will provide you all the comfort as if running your own travel agency, and you get to keep the commission that you earn.

You will get support on email, phone,messaging services etc.

The best thing about this arrangement is there is absolutely no pressure to expand your business. If you are not upto it, you can do only one traveler per month, no questions asked! Due to completely computerised processes, you are sure to have full transparency, and what’s more, commissions are paid on a daily basis!

With QWEEN, rest assured, you and your business is in safe hands

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Make the world go around- Start your own travel business from home

India is a land of tourism. And it is also a land of opportunities. If you are a passionate traveller, love to visit new places, have an opinion about the hotels and various destinations, have an eye for detail for transport and other facilities, travel agency business is just right for you.
This business requires minimum investment and can provide you with a very good work from home business opportunity.
You could either associate yourself with one of the online travel portals, and become their agent, or get yourself certified from IATA and have your own set up. Having your own set up would mean you will be required to put in more capital , and your target clientele and product offering has to be unique, for example you could be a travel agent offering exotic destinations, or someone who can offer you spa vacations, adventure holidays etc.

We enlist 5 crucial steps towards your travel agency business

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