Make a foray in Jewelry business- Qween tells you how

Every woman is passionate about jewelry and believes in the cliched ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

How would you feel if we tell you diamonds are not only your best friends, but could become your business partner too?

With minimal investment, you could start your very own jewelry business at home. It could be a zero-inventory model, where you order in what you sell, and don’t have to deal with rejects at all! So , all you need is a knack for sales, passion for jewelry and some basic training and knowledge to help clients choose the best for yourself. And you are all set!

Ms Deepa Jain, founder  of Nish Jewels , a jewelry boutique store , loves to design unique pieces for her customers.She avers-” Invest in your knowledge and gain qualifications. Every woman has a dream to own exquisite pieces of jewelry and we try our level best to give the desired quality and customized solutions at the best possible price.” ( You can read her full interview here – )

Qween has got an insider’s lowdown on how you too can start a jewelry business from home.

All you have to do is become a business associate with a leading jewel house. You could promote jewelry as accessory and encourage other women to wear whatever they please to, without thinking of it as an investment to be confined to bank lockers or certain occasions.

What you get in return? well, you get certified real diamond jewelry at wholesale prices, that means there is no mark up cost or showroom prices!

When you buy a diamond jewelry set , you are always in a fix, because when you have got bored of it, or would like to exchange it for something else later, you would get almost nothing for the worth of diamonds you originally paid for. Exchange prices for diamonds are really very low or almost nil in most cases.

But with a jewelry lifestyle service, you get high end designer ornaments, which can also be rented for certain time. So , without really investing in it, you could enjoy the pieces and pay as per usage. This is a lucrative business opportunity with high earning potential.

Says Ms Jain ” It is important for people to understand that jewelry is more a lifestyle statement than a source of investment these days. Like good clothes, a good taste in fine jewelry also defines a woman’s personality. “
Temporary ownership with no obligation to buy the jewelry means you can have your diamond studded cake, and eat it too :-) For more information on how you too can enter into this glittering business, click here.




How to start a jewellery (artificial) business from home- Gem of an idea!

Jewellery is every woman’s must have, and if you have the passion and a knack of marketing, you can start your very own jewellery business at home. These days, everyone is wary of keeping original baubles, since there is always a risk of theft or losing them. In comes artificial/semi-precious jewellery, which is easy to manage, easy on pocket and looks as good (almost) as the original pieces.
What’s more, the artificial jewellery is created from cultured pearls, plastic beads and the likes, because of which better customisation to suit a particular outfit is possible.

If you are interested in starting your own jewellery business, here are a few things to start with-

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