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Glimpses from Calligraphy Made Easy Workshop

Snapshot of Calligraphy Made Easy workshop by QWEEN Mentor, Author and Calligraphist Shipra Malhotra


Kiran Manral on Role Models in her life

Noted Author and QWEEN Mentor Kiran Manral shares role models in her life. Stay inspired!


How to Handle Conflict- Greeshma Thampi

The key to a healthy relationship is not to avoid conflict altogether, but to handle it effectively. Through this video, Qween Mentor and Image Consultant Greeshma Thampi shares a few tips to help us deal with conflict better.



Christmas Special- Chef Rakhee Vaswani

Catch Celebrity Chef & QWEEN Mentor Rakhee Vaswani baking a simple and quick cake for Christmas!


7 Body Language Tips for Success- Greeshma Thampi

Qween Mentor and Image Consultant Greeshma Thampi is sharing a list of 7 body language secrets every successful person knows. Apply these in day to day life and you’ll be rocketing to success without having to say a word.


Project Nanhi Kali, Educate the Girl Child

Atul Kasbekar has a message for adorable daughters and doting fathers out there.

Get yourself clicked by the masters! QWEEN is proud to be partners with Project Nanhi Kali
Because we are in it together.

Practical Tips for starting your Jewelry Business

Some practical tips from London Jewelry School to start your own Jewelry Business


How to project yourself as a leader-Suman Kher

Projecting traits that become of a leader make people sit up and take notice. You may not be the official leader yet, but there are a few things you can do in order to make people consider you as one and pave the way for future opportunities to lead

How to negotiate your salary-Greeshma Thampi

QWEEN Mentor and Image Consultant Greeshma Thampi on what to say when you are discussing your compensation.

How to practice power pose in everyday life-Suman Kher

A power pose is an expansive, confident body posture that makes us feel confident. Here are a few some simple and easy tips that will help you make power pose a part of your life.


Testimonial for Blogging Workshop- Suman Kher

Ummehani found Blogging as a Career workshop inspiring. An inspiration in herself, Ummehani is visually impaired.. Watch her video..And Think what is stopping you from attending this workshop..

How coaching can help you achieve your goals-Suman Kher

Coaching is a non-judgemental, advice free zone to help you achieve your goals through open-ended questions.

Impact of APPEARANCE on your FIRST IMPRESSION-Greeshma Thampi

Image Consultant  and QWEEN Mentor, Greeshma Thampi  talks about the impact of APPEARANCE on your FIRST IMPRESSION. She also emphasizes the POWER that one has to create a DESIRED first impression.


What is Image Consulting? – Greeshma Thampi

Image Consultant & QWEEN Mentor, Greeshma Thampi talks about Image Consulting and the benefits of hiring an Image Consultant.

Smart Strategies on Clothing – Greeshma Thampi

Image Consultant & QWEEN Mentor Greeshma Thampi talks about simple yet effective strategies on choosing your clothing

Charmaine D’Souza shares a tip on eating right

Qween Mentor and Celebrity Nutritionist Charmaine D’souza has an interesting tip up her sleeve on eating right

Why my child takes 1hour to eat

Qween Mentor and Nutritionist and Fitness Expert Tanuja Sodhi solves this puzzle for all hassled moms out there.

Tanuja Sodhi Health & Wellness Workshop

Qween Mentor and Fitness Expert Tanuja Sodhi with her students in various Health & Wellness sessions.

QWEEN Mentors Anjali Gulati & Kiran Manral on The Tara Sharma Show

Qween Mentors in a chat on some gender stereotypes at work and at home on the famous show

Kiran Manral, Author & a Full-Time Mom

Watch what happens when Krish, 11 tells his writer mother that he will not be able to go to school the next day. There is no substitute for practice, you start now!

Rakhee Vaswani- World of Food

Qween Mentor and Culinary Expert Rakhee Vaswani on her Palate Culinary Studio, how it all began and who were her biggest supporters