6 tips that can help you check your business health

Learn to read your business books like a pro!

Recently, a QWEEN came to our consulting team to seek advice for her home based  beauty business. As part of our initial analysis we asked for her financial statements for last three years.

She gave us a huge ring binder containing her monthly receipts,yearly balance sheets and cash flow projections. There were pages marked “ Profit & Loss statements”  and the crisp, untouched feeling of pages revealed that this QWEEN never used her financial statements to run her business.

The whole folder was nothing but a statutory requirement to her!She was not the only one. We often find businesswomen reaching out to us for advise on how to help their business grow and they clearly show lack of understanding their own books of accounts. Most women follow what their husbands, or their husband’s or family’s accountants ask them to do.

For all those sailing in the same boat, here we have 6 quick tips on what exactly to read when you get your own binder next time.

  1. Profit & Loss statements cover a period of time- These statements show how much money you made over a period of time. So if your business started in –say – January, your first income statement would be from January to March, as India follows an April –March calendar. If you are partnering with someone else, it makes sense to read their profit and loss statement in this perspective.
  2. Same item can be called by a different name- A profit could be “net income” for someone. Sales could be revenue or gross receipts, even income. Expenses could be called costs. Its like naming your baby. Whatever you do, make sure the name is same, year after year.Multiple names of same item can cause complexity.
  3. A simple formula is the basis of every profit & loss statement- It also defines what are the key elements of a profit & loss statement. Which is

Sales-Expenses= Profit


Revenue- Costs= Income


Gross Income- Costs= Net Income

If math was never your favorite subject , and these formulas intimidate you, remember that the money you get to keep is actually money that comes in minus the money that goes out.

  1. Don’t get thrown away with the jargon- Yes there will be heavy words for women coming from a non-commerce background. Some of these words which are a common feature are-

Revenue- as explained above is sales (money that has come in)

Cost of goods sold- It is the essentially the expenses that you incurred on the product. For example, for a beautician they will be the cost of beauty products that she purchased from the market, for a baker they will be food items and cooking products etc..

Gross Profit- Basically it means the part of income (money that came in) after you deducted cost incurred in buying the goods needed to sell the product. In the case of beautician, for example, her net income would be the money she got for a service minus the cost of the products that she used.

Selling, general and administrative expenses- These are the costs that you do not directly incur on creating a product but they are essential to run the business- like setting a shop, electricity, phone, business promotion etc come in this category. Bear in mind that they are mostly fixed expenses, which you have to bear, irrespective of whether you are selling the products or not.

Profit- Finally we come to profit or net profit or net income, which is after deducted all types of costs from total sales/revenue.

  1. The most important health tracker of your business- If you read point no 4 clearly, you would know that Gross Profit is going to be the most important indicator for your business health. The % of gross profit to sales remains largely constant, since it shows that the material you invest in making your products is moving with your sales. You are not piling up on goods, or raw material which is not getting sold or converted to sales. For a beautician, it could mean pushing the products that are not very popular, or discarding products that are too expensive and rejected by clients. For a baker , it may be the time to check which flavours for example are not very popular.
  2. Finally- Keep your other expenses in check- Money spent on selling, general and other administrative expenses should be constant. You cannot run a phone bill of say Rs 5000/- increasing to say Rs 7000/- next month! If you are meticulous about keeping these costs fixed, your net income from business can become more predictable and giving you a better future cash flow projection!

Learning the basics of finance is all the more important owing to easy funding available through banks and non-banking finance companies. So make sure that you get your basics right.

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DMIA- Realise your True Calling

Putting the square peg back where it belongs-

Most of us always feel there has to be a difference between what we ought to be doing n our lives, and what interests us.A girl with a flair for art becomes a financial analyst; a talented dancer becomes a doctor- the examples are scattered all around us. Most parents feel that hobbies & interests in a particular field should be just that, hobbies, they cannot become vocation for everyone that pursues them.

And there enters conflict. Parents pushing their kids to study harder when the child shows natural flair and potential towards playing cricket, creating a lot of mental stress for both parents as well as the child. The issue only gets magnified with teenagers.

How does one realise what one is meant to do? Will you be happy being something that you never wanted to be in the first place, for the rest of your lives?In comes DMIA-Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) a system that combines the scientific study of fingerprints with the study of Multiple Intelligence.

The system helps to identify our intrinsic potential that we might not even be aware of.

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. The field studies the ridge formations on our hands and the soles of our feet. These patterns are formed during the same stage of the embryo development as the spinal cord and the brain. As the brain develops more and more creases, our fingerprints start reflecting these patterns as well. Each of our 10 fingers corresponds to a different region of our brain and the way it is developed.Once the ridges are finally set, they never change and hence we have the same fingerprints all our lives. Our unique fingerprints are also an indication that we each have unique brains, wired in our very own inimitable ways.

Multiple Intelligence is a concept which was developed  by Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor of neuroscience from Harvard University, in 1983.

His theory states that we not only have different styles of processing and learning information, but that all of these styles are more or less independent of one another. He challenged the belief that the ‘IQ’ system alone could help gauge the complexities of the human brain and the human potential. Instead he suggested that we factor in “multiple intelligences” to help understand our brain better.

According to Gardner, we each have 8 different kinds of intelligences present in are a complex mix to form our individual intelligence. Much like our fingerprints, this combination of the intelligences is unique to every one of us.

These 8 intelligence areas are-

  1. Linguistic Intelligence- Command over language or languages
  2. Logical/ Mathematical Intelligence- Mathematical abilities
  3. Musical/ Rhythmic Intelligence- abilities to understand and follow music
  4. Body/ Kinaesthetic Intelligence- Gross motor school, physical strength
  5. Spatial Intelligence –following patterns, applying logic, understanding systems and processes
  6. Naturalist Intelligence- Inclination towards nature, plants and animals
  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence- Ability to talk, control and help one’s own self
  8. Interpersonal Intelligence – Social behaviour

With the DMIA system you could understand yourself better by studying your fingerprints and applying the data to the Multiple Intelligence model. It helps understand your multiple intelligence as well as your innate potential capabilities and personality.

The analysis also helps in understanding the apt stimulants to further develop these capabilities and build them into strengths. Using this revolutionary system can help identify your inborn talents and help you build them into strengths, so that you can consistently enjoy the rewards.

Benefits of DMIA-

The best part about Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis is that it can be applied to both children and adults. Here are just some of the ways DMIA could be helpful

  • Helps parents to understand their children better through exploring their child’s hidden talents and understanding their Learning pattern.
  • Helps individuals to explore the hidden inborn intelligence and their style of learning. This further helps in guiding the individuals to progress through life (right career path).
  • Helps Corporates in recruitment and efficient communication.
  • Helps Couples to improve the relationship and develop understanding by revealing inborn intelligences.
  • Helps business partners in planning to achieve future goals.

DMIA Expert- An excellent work from home opportunity-

Becoming a DMIA expert is going to be one of the most satisfying work -from-home opportunity for you! Not only you will help so many people in finding the right path on a scientific basis, you will be able to help them live their lives in a better and satisfying manner. The earning potential is limitless!

Join the special program offered by Brain Caliber today

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Chirkut Zindagi (Small Life)- Make it Grand!!

“It went just over my head, didn’t understand at all, why did we have to watch this movie?” This was my friend grumbling about the much awaited Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone starrer movie “Tamasha” last year. The reviews all around were the same, people were waiting for this movie post their break up, and all through it went around with looks that either people didn’t understand it, or didn’t want to acknowledge that it showed them a mirror, even if just for a few moments, they saw their own image and it was not something they liked…

Maybe the movie was too ahead of its time , or maybe we have stopped understanding the importance of knowing our true selves..I was quiet, as the movie somewhere tugged at some emotions. What I saw in the second part of the movie as Ranbir Kapoor, in a cast, a mould, is what I felt some years back when I was planning to quit my corporate job.

Deepika Padukone: Yeh tum nahi ho Ved, yeh sab nakli hai.(this is not you, Ved, This is all fake)

Ranbir Kapoor: Main woh Don thodi na hu Tara, woh toh acting thi na. Woh main ek role play kar raha tha aur yeh main real mein hoon.( I am not that Don Tara, that was acting, I was playing a role then, and this is the real ME”)

Deepika Padukone: Phir toh main kisi aur ke saath hoon Ved, main kuch aur dhoond rahi hoon –(Then I am with someone else Ved, I am looking for something else)

Who is the real you? The one who was a free spirited story teller or the one who sat down to work endlessly as a middle level marketing manager? Why one can’t have what one truly deserves?

The reason it happened was no one was there to listen to the protagonist who was  always in a dreamland. The desire to leave the “chirkut zindagi” the way he wanted was so strong that he had to kill his soul to face the harsh realities of life.

Making a career is more important than doing what you love, and that’s how second careers, burn outs and sometimes total collapses of personalities happen.

What if someone told you, after spending 10 years in a job that you are not fit for this, and you should try something else? Would it be easy? Would you be able to break the routine you moulded yourself into, and get into the danger zone?

Funny, it was never a danger zone in first place, the zone was where you were “YOU” , your most real self, something that you always wanted to be. But who made you realise it? No one!

“I wish I had more time to do this work”

“I always wanted to do that, but I am stuck up with this job”

“I am not giving even 20% of what I can to my life”

“Only if someone told me which way to go and I will be giving my 100% I will follow it”

“I wanted to be an artist, I wish someone had told me I had potential and could have done it only if I had a chance then”

Have you ever felt any of these? Most of us have a feeling of dissatisfaction with what we are doing at the moment. Some of us have the ability (and guts) to actually break the barrier and start moving towards the other side where grass is greener, but rest of us just keep on living the days as they come.

Burdened with unfinished desires, hopes and aspirations, we enter into the world of parenthood, and kind of push our children into same grind. When a child tells he doesn’t want to write  or draw, we start telling them the importance of it so that he/she could get into a reputed school. A slightly grown up child frets over Math or Science, but scared of letting them choose their own careers, we push them into endless tuitions, extra classes etc only to make sure they clear an exam created by adults to check their rote learning, and grab a certain degree to reach a certain job, only to live into the same grind and ask the same questions from themselves as we are doing right now.

Why?Is it not necessary that our children get to do what they are really good at doing and NOT what we think is good for them? What if they were not cut-out for the rigors of corporate life, and could have excelled at something else?

Realise the power of your mind- Are you living up to your potential?

Qween is delighted to inform you about the DMIA Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis  (beginner program which Brain Caliber is conducting in Mumbai .In this unique program you will learn effective counselling techniques to guide all age groups based on core competencies.,determine an individual’s natural skills and abilities to assist individuals in planning their careers and improving social skills. Get empowered, empower others.


The importance of staying true to your entrepreneurial spirit

6 tips to help you succeed in your business

Should I stay or should I go?

This is a question I pondered for a long time as I was building a vision of having my own venture on the side while working a full-time job. It was a tricky time; I needed a stable income, but also wanted to focus more time on my entrepreneurial dream.

So when I was finally able to quit my 9-to-5 job to pursue my passion, I never looked back. And there are many women out there like me, trying to find their own way, straying away from their roots and branching out high in the sky.For 10 years, I worked as high life finance professional. But that was only half the story. Increasingly, I realised that so many small businesses often do not get the kind of treatment they deserve, or respect that they should have only because no one takes women doing business from home seriously. Largely it is considered a way to hide cash income of their businessmen husbands. But QWEEN changed all that.

At our various networking events, workshops and seminars, and even on our websites, we offer an option for budding entrepreneurs to tell us about their entrepreneurial dream so our team could reach out and help them put foundations below it.

We have had a chance to speak with thousands of aspiring and seasoned business owners. Some want to start a fashion boutique or grow their photography hobby into a business. But they are too scared of the necessary time and commitment. We have spoken to many successful business women who want to drive their business further but are overwhelmed by switching to new technology, or maybe increase their marketing efforts online despite the significant benefits their business can achieve.

QWEEN keeps our huddle meets going on by pondering over these questions.

Why do women like them who took a bold step by making a move out of a cushy 9 to 5 job or came out of their homes to start their own venture become complacent?

Why do they settle for “one step forward –two steps back” approach? What can they do better?

Here are 6 tips to consider: 

  1.  Seek continual inspiration- Consider where you can find inspiration to take your idea to the next level, or reaffirm your commitment to serving your target customers.  You must attend workshops, events, meets, and get constant inspiration to nurture your drive. The motivation which you will receive from these motley crowd who did just what you are doing, felt what you have been feeling and suffered as much or more as you are, will give you the necessary courage to surge ahead. You can make new partnerships and grow mutually. Keeping yourself involved in networks (once a week or a few times a month) and staying true to your entrepreneurial roots keeps you connected.  With this grounding, you will never lose sight of why you built your venture in the first place.
  2. Find your labour of love- Starting your business really is a labour of love. You’ll be spending countless hours in building it so you have to enjoy what you do. Initially it may not be profitable, but whether it is profitable or not is beside the point, you first have to learn to love what you do before you actually start building it. Have a leap of faith!
  3. Reap the rewards of risk-taking -Starting a business is the biggest risk of all. But as it continues to grow, it’s important to take calculated risks to stay ahead of competitors. Whatever your goal is, create three separate plans towards achieving that goal, and then be prepared for at least two of those plans to fail. Things happen! So, set aside an allocated budget to take some chances on new initiatives and make peace with the fact that you might lose that investment but others may win big. If you plan correctly, that loss should not be detrimental. The important thing is that you’re taking chances and learning what it takes to run a business. Success today is achieved as a result of calculated risk, careful planning early on and due diligence to stay on track.
  4. Define your why-Ask yourself the reason you do what you do. Is it because you like doing it? What is your true “Why”? At QWEEN, our true WHY was to help small businesses succeed. When determining yours, think about the bigger picture and what motivates you to do your work.By imparting training, discussing ideas, and providing a platform to choose a variety of work-from-home options, we are helping women build and stay in their businesses and support them with the quality of life they want. So what is your why?
  5. Identify what success looks like-Once you’ve determined your why, it’s time to create measureable goals and define what success looks like for you.Does success mean turning a profit? Maybe it simply means having the best bakery in town. Whatever the case may be, the state of your business will fluctuate. So stop worrying about what the competition is doing and stop obsessing about the market. I’ve found that by focusing on the why, the money starts to come anyway. So success for us in general is great feedback and overwhelming responses to our workshops. The smile on the faces of QWEENs is icing on the cake!
  6. Practice patience-It’s no surprise that running a small business is a long journey, so it’s important to exercise patience through the whole process. As an entrepreneur you are the leader of your business. So take a note from the other entrepreneurs of the past and present, and practice as much patience as possible. You are going to have good days and bad days, sometimes very bad days. In order to have the great days, you should be taking risks and trying new things. If you aren’t, you really aren’t growing your business at all.

Whether you’ve been in your practice or business for six months or six years, it’s time to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship. Building a business is a journey with numerous ups and downs. Like any great endeavour, it takes time to establish, but the benefits are well worth the hard work and risks!

Join us at India Entrepreneur’s meet; see your life turn around! Click here and register for the event now!



Why new year resolutions fail

Did you just realise that the first month of the new year 2017 just flew by ? That is 31 days, and about 10% of this year is already flown out of the window.

Sure, when it was December you were feeling that you will change this or that about everything.Like everyone else, you decided to come up with a list of Resolutions for a brand new year.

You were full of enthusiasm and excitement because you told yourself that this year it’s going to be different.

Well, really, has it been any different? You are still firefighting, the moment the exuberance of getting a chance to restart your life waned down, you suddenly realised that nothing has really changed.

In actuality, making resolutions is not a bad thing. The problem usually comes from the lack of motivation and accountability that inevitably follows this period of excitement. You have to transform your enthusiasm into concrete and sustainable plan.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), some 40-50% of people  in America  follow this  yearly tradition, but only 10-15% of these people will eventually succeed in reaching their goals.  So where do we come up short? The answer is simple. We don’t have a plan and therefore we focus on the wrong things.

To change your resolutions into success you need to have some accountability .

Something simple and basic common sense, similar to diet programs. Why do you think they suggest a daily log of your food and exercise, and regular meeting with your dietition? Its not so uch that you will learn anything new (although that is part of it ) about your own body mechanism, but most of the benefit from all this comes from the support and accountability that you will get from it all.

So where does Ms accountability live? There are many places. Rope in your friends and family. Tell as many people as you can. Actually tell people who will be supportive and hold you to realistic expectations. Not plastering on social media.

Jot down a plan to accomplish your goal. List the steps. If you are not sure where to start, think about hiring a Life Coach or a professional. Join a support group. Just make sure there is a measure of accountability.

If you have a goal in mind, start right away. Don’t wait until the end of the year. Just start! Why wait until the end of the year? It’s very seldom that conditions will be perfect. So go ahead and take that step.

The new year does not hold the answers, but you do. The real question is, are you ready to embrace change? Think about it. You’ve been stuck in a dead end job, or you’ve wanted to start a new venture. Or maybe you want to lose weight . What is that worth? If your resolution has been on your mind for awhile, don’t you owe it to yourself act on it?

Don’t get caught up in the trap. Start hunting for better opportunities, join networks like QWEEN. Get rid of the junk food in your house .Action brings results. Start now. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. But now! You’ve thought about it and talked about it. The only thing that is stopping you is you.

If you take nothing else away from this article but this one thing, I hope that it’s that there is never a perfect time except right now to start acting on your goals.

Take the first step!


Giving a K.I.S.S. of life to your home-based business

K.I.S.S= Keep It Simple ,Silly!

Shalini had always had a flair for cooking. A true qween at kitchen, she could be seen experimenting with dishes, making her family and guests drool.But she wanted to do more. With the encouragement from her friends and family, she decided to join QWEEN. After completing a few trainings with renowned chefs ,  she was ready to launch on her own.

Soon, her venture was born. Initially, she started with simple home cooked food for which she would take orders a few days in advance.She was happy and so were her customers. Enthused by the response, she decided to increase her portfolio. Now she was thinking of offering baked products, ready to eat meals, and a lot more. Very soon, she was working almost 18 hours a day, sometimes, pulling in late nights and early mornings to give her best to her clients.

But one day, a rude shock awaited her. She got a call from a friend. “Shalini, have you checked your Facebook page lately?” Wiping her hands off her apron , Shalini replied “What happened?” The friend , trying to not divulge much over phone said “Check it right now, someone has complained about your food” Shalini was devastated.

What exactly went wrong? She wondered. When she approached us, our panel of experts explained to her what she could do.. here is what happened at the discussion panel.

Having more bells and whistles on your product doesn’t necessarily make it better. If you complicate your offering, in your case home cooked food, you could end up in a lot of trouble, even loose your reputation and,worse, business!

The lesson here is that while Shalini was envisioning her offerings as a multi-cuisine no holds barred home based restaurant, it was getting overly complex and confusing to customers. And to keep up with the varied demands, she was forced to cut corners, sometimes decorating of cupcakes as an extra flair took so much time that her snacks suffered the brunt.

What should have been done-

Our experts laid out a 3 point agenda for the problem-

  1. Let simplicity reign.

Having too many frills and features doesn’t mean your product may not be up to the mark always and doesn’t do you customer any favour. In order to simplify and improve your products, first identify who you are as a company. Ask yourself and your team a simple question-“What are we good at?” Your firm’s identity gives roots to each product offering  and allows you to let them grown from a focussed origin. For Shalini, who is from North India, we suggested to go with North Indian cuisine. She could manage it well , had ideas to introduce fusion dishes and was her core strength.

Paradoxically, having a specific niche can allow you to reach a broader customer base.By understanding her own identity and isolating a certain area of expertise to build on, Shalini could attract  higher share of customers. In time, her dominance discouraged competitors from entering her segment!

  1. Don’t pigeonhole yourself

This step follows through on step one. Now that you  ave asked yourself what you and specifically your business is good at, its time to determine all the pain points that your expertise can solve. Though you are supposed to find your core strength and stick to it, if you do offer a hyperspecific product, you are cutting yourself off, and customers will use your offering only in a single setting.  Some businesses will take the above advice and run with it, aiming for an as-niche-as-possible product. But if you do offer a hyperspecific product, you’re pigeon-holing yourself, since consumers will believe they can use your product only in a single setting. A niche should be your foundation, not your ceiling.

For Shalini, we suggested that though she was offering North Indian Home cooked food at really affordable price, she could look beyond her own brand and tie up with other home chef services where her food could be sold at a margin. We suggested that she approach services like UrbanClap where she could get catering assignments for north Indian food.We also encouraged her to have workshops on teaching North Indian Cuisine and experiment with fusion foods which are becoming hugely popular.

  1. Think simple, not small. 

Simplicity does not mean small thinking. You don’t have to limit your company to one or just a few products, nor do you have to resist the entrepreneurial urge to innovate and re-innovate. As long as Shalini could keep her focus on making  good food, and maintain her quality standards, she had the freedom to invent new recipes or reinvent old ones.

“Simple,” does not mean boring. Simplyfing your business means sticking to its core purpose and making it easy for customers. Simplifying your product means distilling it to its core purpose and making it easy for customers to order . And that’s exactly what everyone wants: simple.



Manage your inner critic

Save yourself from getting hijacked by negative thoughts!

Whether we realize and acknowledge it or not,most of us are reasonably doing well in our lives. Despite the struggles and problems that we face, all women know how to find their way out and are giving their best in all circumstances. But most of us have a few negative “sound-tracks” playing in our heads in background.

So when someone compliments us, instead of feeling happy and recharged, we hear in our mind “ i am not that good” “I’m not doing that well/I didn’t do that well”  “Other people are judging me poorly”

These negative thoughts are like your own Evil DJ, playing the negative soundtracks in a loop!

Slowly, we lose confidence in our own abilities, and the seemingly easy tasks suddenly feel impossible to do, and also come with their own negative thoughts, self doubt and hopelessness.

Next time, you have negative thoughts playing in the background of your mind, try these simple tricks-

  1. Use a Show Stopper- The moment you start feeling negative- use a prop to stop the drama! It could be a poster, a motivational thought, a talk with a friend who wont put you down, or a picture of you achieving something-like maybe trekking up a mountain! Stop the background negative music using a show stopper and ask yourself-

Am I stuck in my head right now?

Is there any evidence to support these thoughts?

  1. Ask When You Think About the Past

When something doesn’t go as well as you hoped, don’t waste time repeatedly criticizing yourself or dwelling on what went wrong.

It’s important to avoid lingering regret. Research shows that, if you only focus on regret and self-blame, you are more likely to perform worse in a similar situation in future.

Instead, create a problem-solving and growth mindset by asking yourself questions about what other, additional actions you could have taken to improve the outcome. Try to ask open-ended questions, especially those beginning with ‘What’ or ‘How’. This is called ‘counterfactual’ thinking.

  1. Be your own favourite and your own best friend!

Okay, so you just lost an assignment or an opportunity to competition. The next thing that you do is go in the brooding mode, tell everyone to lay off till you feel better, keep thinking about it, and tell everyone from maid to the stranger in coffee shop how bad you are. Relax, drama queen! Tell yourself to snap out of it. Treat yourself with some respect and same friendliness that you would an old friend. Love your grit, ability to do so much, and appreciate the fact that you are still able to do it.

Remember that your thoughts are not always the facts, and sometimes, it helps to keep out the noise and keep doing what you are good at. Sooner or later, the results will show, and you will be in a position to have happy tunes playing up in your head!So instead of becoming a drama queen, be a QWEEN!



Full Potential Labs Inc.






5 tricks to help you through effective time management

Our expert tips that can save you a lot of time, and headache! And the one thing that can save you buckets of time and free you up!

The most worrying feature of all time-saving gadgets is that they waste a lot of time!- Anonymous

Most of us battle with the notion of too much to do in too little a time. Lack of time to finish a task is the most common cause of stress to most women these days. In fact, to take it a step further , inability to finish anything on time is the biggest worry of most women.

The trend continues with men too, but since women are known as and always expected to be  multi-taskers, they hardly ever get any breathing space and most of their active time of the day gets spent in rushing from one activity to another.

QWEEN has some handy tips lined up just for you!  Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, or work from home or have a regular office job, all of you can rest assured following these tips will sort a lot of things for you.So take a deep breath and read on-

  • Time saving tip #1- List it all up- You heard it. The good old fashioned way of keeping a tab of to-do’s will help you in many ways. You would sleep easy, have a plan to follow, and will have a sense of accomplishment everytime you mark-“done” in front of a job.
  •  Time saving tip #2- Keep track of time wasters- Yes, you heard it right. Your time is wasted, every single day, you spend almost 2 to 3 hours on social media or networking sites. Without even realising what’s draining your clock you sometimes end up replying to messages on your instant messenger or chat groups. Keep a tab on all these time wasters. Schedule regular visits to networking sites and chat boxes, say every 2 hours for 10 minutes. Reduce the number of apps on your phone.And mute the push notifications,they are just that, they push you into no-work-wate-time zone. You don’t really need an app showing recipes of cocktails on a work day , right?  Keep a list of sites that are handy, just like you would keep a diary of important numbers , alphabetically sorted, in old days.
  • Time saving tip # 3- Stay away from bad habits- So, the first thing you feel like doing everytime you open your eyes is check your phone, right? Wrong! To take your mobile phone with you to bed and to washroom is only a way to delay the process you are supposed to follow, that is either sleep or nature’s call. When at home, treat your hand held smart phone like a landline phone wired to a desk. Take calls by going to the phone , saves you from being a couch potato and burns some calories while you finish the work you are doing. Do the same while you are working at office . And for messages, refer to Tip #2
  • Time saving tip # 4- Micro plan your hours- Okay, so most of your work is related to desk work like replying emails or messages on your phone. For a person like you, we suggest micro-planning. Micro-planning is nothing but breaking down every minute of your working hour into time-slots where a doable task is finished to achieve the desired target. So if it is reaching out to 6 customers in an hour, you give 10 minutes to each customer, in which you either email, message or call them depending on your need within a set time-frame. This type of micro-planning may get a little tedious initially, but once mastered, it will save a lot of hassles and 11th hour rush that bothers you
  • Time saving tip # 5 -Stay on course- Even if nothing goes as per plan, stay on course. You made a list, and out of 5 tasks allotted in the morning, only 3 got finished and rest are still due, come back to them after you have finished the allotted tasks for the afternoon.Sneak in some time out from every task going forward and use it to finish you work.

The best one we liked? Leave your phone away from time to time, you will be amazed at how much you could achieve in much lesser time you could think of!

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The five kind of business women you will find everywhere

The five kind of business women you will find everywhere- have you got your own list of these irksome-quirksome?

Kiara walked in the office and stomped her bag on the table. “I have had it !!!” She exclaimed!

Wondering what got the raw nerve of this otherwise sweet and wonderful QWEEN, I tenderly approached her..” What happened?” I asked. “Something got you on your way to work?” and despite my best intentions, I couldn’t hide smirk in my voice. ‘Must be a difficult client or the traffic or may be the maid’ I presumed.What followed was a laugh riot when she told me about a networking event she had attended the other day. Read on as I give you the sneak peek into what exactly got her this time..

Kiara’s top 5 categories of businesswomen/entrepreneurs

  1. The Drama Queen- Well, she is just that, a drama queen. Period. She has a lot to bear every single day while she paddles her business to you. The reasons for delay in her services or product deliveries are just short of a catastrophe, largely a personal one- like her son having a “severe” cold, or may be martians just attacked her home! Whatever it is, be prepared to hear the saga of endless woes with a tissue-box in hand , as it will always be some long winding story
  2. The Businessman Woman- The woman in this category will always be having a guy’s approach to business. Rolled up sleeves, shooting expletives,sometimes even at clients – comes naturally to her. Her ego is up there in the sky and in her head she is already a business tycoon. This woman will always be ready to pounce at the smallest feedback with the vengeance of a Viking. Be ready to have an earful from her no matter it is targeted at you or someone else.
  3. The I-me-myself woman- Agreed, it takes a lot of guts , hard work and determination to start a business. An off shoot of drama queen, this type of businesswomen will always try to project their businesses. For them, they come first, always. They can promote their color coded tissue box delivery business at a wedding ceremony and a funeral with equal ease! After all, people are going to cry when the bride or mortal remains are sent off, right? These women will always want to piggyback their way to business on an event. So be prepared if they drop their business cards or even their wares at your promotion desk at an event !
  4. The Diva-Goddess- This businesswoman will have a condescending look. She will always look down on you as a lesser mortal, someone who is the lowliest insect on the planet. Or probably she will completely ignore you, telling you through her high nose- that you really don’t deserve to have her product or even worthy of inquiring about the service. She , with her perfectly manicured hands, designer bags, coiffed hair, and a thing for tongue –rolled “R”s will always be the center of attention, never mind that all she deals in is a range of lunch boxes !
  5. The Alpha Female- This one is our favourite. Her kids go to best school, husband has 7 figure salary, drives the latest sports sedan, holidays every 3 months in exotic destinations (how do we know, Facebook and selfies! ) she really doesn’t need the money and she says so, and she is doing the business as a favour to all of us so we could benefit from her benevolence. This woman is very hard to please, and she will throw all her weight behind herself to ensure you do not leave without buying what she has to offer, just because she is the best!

As for what category had irked my fellow QWEEN that day, well, keep guessing, better, leave a comment with your funny stories about any of these business women you have met ! Err… do you belong to one of these categories too! 😉

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QWEEN’s Manifesto for Republic Day

Lets live the dream- “Women empowerment is crucial to India’s growth. Days of seeing women as ‘home makers’ have gone, we have to see women as nation builders!”- Narendra Modi- Prime Minister

We the women of India want our nation to look beyond the usual definition of Women Empowerment, and give us more power, this Republic Day.

We want the nation to stand up and help us in creation of an environment where women can make independent decisions on their personal development as well as shine as equals in society. We want to be treated as equals so much so that if a woman rises to the top of her field it should be a commonplace occurrence that draws nothing more than a raised eyebrow at the gender. This can only happen if there is a channelized route for the empowerment of women.

Here is QWEEN’s 10 point manifesto seeking empowerment of women on this Republic Day:

  • Our Safety– Women have to have a safe country to thrive in. India’s image is marred by issues surrounding safety of its women. We should feel safe to live, work, and have our say in everything that matters, including development of this country
  • Support our independence and mobility- Unlike women in the past, we are aware of the opportunities we have and we want to have independent say in the choices we make. We want our family, loved ones, and our employers and fellow countrymen to support us in our decisions . We want them to understand that they cannot decide our lives for us all the time.
  • Help us in educating ourselves– We haven’t really got our fair share of chances to upskill or learn our way into a career. Supporting us while we equip ourselves with new knowledge and hone our skills is what we seek from our people.
  • Make us financially educated– With demonetisation, many women saw the face of a banker for the first time in their lives. We have always been blissfully ignorant about the way the world of finance moves. We want to be financially literate so we do not have to look towards our menfolk when it comes to starting a new venture. Financial literacy will also help us in increase our household savings, and help us in managing our family’s future.
  • Home Science is passéBusiness science is in– Teach us job skills, help us in seeding new businesses. Instead of only restricting our roles in being a great housekeeper and a homemaker, help us in expanding our roles further into a businesswoman and improve our income generating abilities. Help us in expanding our horizons and reaching our true potential
  • We are equals when it comes to decision making- Boost our decision making power, let us participate in decisions related to our children’s education, increasing family income and other decisions that concern us all
  • Provide access to quality health care- Help us by establishing a quality health care system and provide us training and information on health care, family planning, domestic violence and reproductive rights.
  • Build Support networks- By building social networks, women have more support and greater opportunities to effect change in their communities .Once this network is in place, they are emboldened by the knowledge that they are not alone in facing issues and they are inspired to help other women in their community by sharing the knowledge they have learned about various topics.
  • Create public leaders- Develop leadership schools directed at women, encourage women leaders and help them forge ahead, instead of treating them as showpieces, help them in realising their true strength. Create women specific leadership programmes at workplace. Monitor how women employees are progressing to ensure women are progressing at the same rate as men
  • Change the face of our workplace- Most important point is to keep our policies gender neutral. Don’t give us reservation, but equal opportunities in all spheres. Support us when we are on a maternity break instead of writing us off. Help us in child care by building it into company policy. Encourage us to work from home, give us opportunities to achieve work-life balance.




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