Giving a K.I.S.S. of life to your home-based business

K.I.S.S= Keep It Simple ,Silly!

Shalini had always had a flair for cooking. A true qween at kitchen, she could be seen experimenting with dishes, making her family and guests drool.But she wanted to do more. With the encouragement from her friends and family, she decided to join QWEEN. After completing a few trainings with renowned chefs ,  she was ready to launch on her own.

Soon, her venture was born. Initially, she started with simple home cooked food for which she would take orders a few days in advance.She was happy and so were her customers. Enthused by the response, she decided to increase her portfolio. Now she was thinking of offering baked products, ready to eat meals, and a lot more. Very soon, she was working almost 18 hours a day, sometimes, pulling in late nights and early mornings to give her best to her clients.

But one day, a rude shock awaited her. She got a call from a friend. “Shalini, have you checked your Facebook page lately?” Wiping her hands off her apron , Shalini replied “What happened?” The friend , trying to not divulge much over phone said “Check it right now, someone has complained about your food” Shalini was devastated.

What exactly went wrong? She wondered. When she approached us, our panel of experts explained to her what she could do.. here is what happened at the discussion panel.

Having more bells and whistles on your product doesn’t necessarily make it better. If you complicate your offering, in your case home cooked food, you could end up in a lot of trouble, even loose your reputation and,worse, business!

The lesson here is that while Shalini was envisioning her offerings as a multi-cuisine no holds barred home based restaurant, it was getting overly complex and confusing to customers. And to keep up with the varied demands, she was forced to cut corners, sometimes decorating of cupcakes as an extra flair took so much time that her snacks suffered the brunt.

What should have been done-

Our experts laid out a 3 point agenda for the problem-

  1. Let simplicity reign.

Having too many frills and features doesn’t mean your product may not be up to the mark always and doesn’t do you customer any favour. In order to simplify and improve your products, first identify who you are as a company. Ask yourself and your team a simple question-“What are we good at?” Your firm’s identity gives roots to each product offering  and allows you to let them grown from a focussed origin. For Shalini, who is from North India, we suggested to go with North Indian cuisine. She could manage it well , had ideas to introduce fusion dishes and was her core strength.

Paradoxically, having a specific niche can allow you to reach a broader customer base.By understanding her own identity and isolating a certain area of expertise to build on, Shalini could attract  higher share of customers. In time, her dominance discouraged competitors from entering her segment!

  1. Don’t pigeonhole yourself

This step follows through on step one. Now that you  ave asked yourself what you and specifically your business is good at, its time to determine all the pain points that your expertise can solve. Though you are supposed to find your core strength and stick to it, if you do offer a hyperspecific product, you are cutting yourself off, and customers will use your offering only in a single setting.  Some businesses will take the above advice and run with it, aiming for an as-niche-as-possible product. But if you do offer a hyperspecific product, you’re pigeon-holing yourself, since consumers will believe they can use your product only in a single setting. A niche should be your foundation, not your ceiling.

For Shalini, we suggested that though she was offering North Indian Home cooked food at really affordable price, she could look beyond her own brand and tie up with other home chef services where her food could be sold at a margin. We suggested that she approach services like UrbanClap where she could get catering assignments for north Indian food.We also encouraged her to have workshops on teaching North Indian Cuisine and experiment with fusion foods which are becoming hugely popular.

  1. Think simple, not small. 

Simplicity does not mean small thinking. You don’t have to limit your company to one or just a few products, nor do you have to resist the entrepreneurial urge to innovate and re-innovate. As long as Shalini could keep her focus on making  good food, and maintain her quality standards, she had the freedom to invent new recipes or reinvent old ones.

“Simple,” does not mean boring. Simplyfing your business means sticking to its core purpose and making it easy for customers. Simplifying your product means distilling it to its core purpose and making it easy for customers to order . And that’s exactly what everyone wants: simple.



What’s inside your Christmas Goodie Bag!

QWEEN brings to you some quirky ideas to add to your Christmas gift hamper for your loved ones! We understand its not easy to be a Santa and with your busy life, you are sure to miss out on fun if you do not have handy gifting solutions for the holiday season!

It’s that time of the year again — festive Christmas songs are playing on the radio, and the holiday mood is in the air. I hope you’re getting ready for the holiday season, because we at QWEEN can’t wait for the holidays to arrive!

The holiday season is a time of love, giving, and sharing. To help you stand out during the best time of the year, we’ve prepared a delightful compilation of holiday gifting ideas!

So leave those boring recycled gifts, and try and gift something to bring out a smile on  the faces of your loved ones!

  1. Gift a DIY cookie/ Dessert Jar- This one is our favourite. It is a lovely gift to be had and shared with family of foodies. Premixed ingredients await butter and milk and a gentle bake inside the oven, which the entire family could do together. Beautiful, loving, and involves the whole family in.cookie-jar

Photo Courtesy- Little Baking Hands

  1. A Cart load of goodies to give away- Here is one thing that your loved ones would love to do. Bulk buy little onesies, sweaters, caps, mittens, shoes and toys. Put them all in a red gunny bag and put a tag- “I gift you the gift of sharing”. Add the address of nearest orphanage or a lower income group kids school or contact details of an NGO. Urge your friend to go to the place and distribute these goodies.The smile, happiness and joy in the eyes of little ones will surely be a lasting memory for your loved one!happy-kids

Photo Courtesy-

  1. A full day pampering session- Your friend will kiss your feet for giving out this one! Take her kids away, book a home salon service for her and tell her that everything will be taken care of and she should just relax. Because her time to herself is the most beautiful gift you can give her.urban-clap-collagePhoto Courtesy- UrbanClap
  2. Join a cooking workshop together- QWEEN Mentor, TV Host & Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani offers customised classes to suit all your requirements. You could choose your own cuisine or dishes ,select your date and time, opt for classes with your friends, and cook up your own storm in her state of the art studio! You can also gift it to a group of your friends who love to learn new techniques from the master herself..Thoughtful, isn’t it?palate-culinary-collagePhoto courtesy: Palate Cuisine Studio
  3. Gift a fitness programme- Help the person you love in making their new year resolution of getting fitter stick. Gift them a nutrition cum weight loss programme. There are many programmes that are available online, Like the ones by QWEEN Mentor , author, fitness and nutrition expert Tanuja Sodhi. Your gesture is surely going to help them stay on course, as heath comes first for all of us! Better still, join one together so the two of you can stay inspired!tanuja-sodhi Photo Courtesy-
  4. A cool Photoshoot with your loved ones- Christmas is the time of the year when you can let your hair down, reflect on your one more trip around the sun, and ruminate with your friends about how you would like to start your next year.. What better way than having your loved ones out for a warm sunny lunch followed by a lovely photoshoot! Sounds good? Think of the memories you will make for a lifetime.

Christmas is the perfect way to end an year and usher in the new. Make a fresh start today with these handy tips and wow your loved ones in your quirky gifts!



Top 5 Diwali ideas for busy women

When it comes to festivals, Diwali in India takes the foremost place for all of us.

We all remember the times when our preparations for this 5 day long festival used to start well before Navratras, and we would all start planning and then make beelines for shopping at already crowded , glitzy local markets.

Not anymore, because all the planning can be done right from your smartphone , tab or laptop, in your spare time, when the markets may have closed, and get whatever you desire delivered right at your door step!

Planning to revamp your home? How about bringing this nice dining set from Flipkart to your home this Diwali?

So, no time for getting the lights yourself? Have you tried these excellent home services from HouseJoy and Taskbob? The electrician will come to your home in your stipulated time and bring lights, and all razzmatazz to ensure your house is festive ready!


And if you were really caught up in work and had no time to clean up your house for customary laxmi pooja, try Taskbob’s home cleaning services-

These earthen diyas from amazon are sure to light up your home and bring out the festive spirit

Looking for something unique to gift your friends and loved ones?

Try out these amazing array of products, all under one roof of your home, delivered right at the doorstep.

And if you are still confused about what to gift, and not sure, how about some gift cards for your loved ones to shop for themselves?

Online shopping is one of the most eco-friendly, time saving way of shopping. If you haven’t tried it out yet, try it this Diwali , and get more time to enjoy the festival than figuring out traffic snarls and parking spaces!



Karwa Chauth-A celebration of empowered woman

It is that time of the year. The crisp air holds the promise of festivities. And if Dassehra is past, can Karva Chauth be far behind?

There are many feminists who call this festival regressive. They think that to ask a woman to observe fast for her husband is akin to slavery.They fail to understand that most festivals in India are not the games of gender one-up-manship, but have more to do with celebrating relationships.

The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society. One of several factors that justify the greatness of India’s ancient culture is the honourable place granted to women.

Indian women today enjoy almost the similar status they used to have when they were considered an equal in ancient Vedic society.Women were educated in the early Vedic period,married at a mature age and were probably free to select their own husbands. According to ancient Hindu scriptures no important rite can be performed with perfection by a man without the participation of his wife. Wives are thus befittingly called ‘Ardhangani’ (better half). They were given not only important but equal position with men.The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past centuries. Today’s woman is empowered, equally educated, and capabale of taking care of herself and her family. We can see many examples where women are holding steady high profile jobs and man are running homes.

Karwa Chauth is often the punching bag of feminists who consider it feudal, unequal and regressive, and term it to be giving a higher status to men than women.

We think it is one of the most beautiful festivals, where even the story that is reverently read says what an empowered woman can do. The lore is the woman actually brought back her husband from the threshold of death. If that is not empowerment, what is?

On her flight to Singapore, I observed a very famous MD of India’s biggest financial conglomerate declining food and water. At precisely 9 pm, she peeped out her window, saw the moon, joined her hands, and asked for some water. When I looked questioningly- she smiled and said “ Karwa Chauth”. My admiration for her as a woman of steel only went up a notch higher. The one who could move thousands of crores of rupees with just an arched eyebrow could keep the fast even while on the go.It is just a matter of faith, that if it were in my power, I would do anything to keep my loved ones safe. So before calling this celebration of marriage and relationship anti-woman or regressive, acquire knowledge, empower yourself, celebrate karwa chauth for the festival it truly is.

Today’s woman knows that her fasting will not change her destiny, but she does it because she also knows that of all her priorities, well-being of her loved ones is also one of the important ones. This trait of a woman needs to be celebrated. She ,who can do anything in this world, is ready to do anything for her family too!

Because  we believe that if women are empowered, they can move mountains.





Nail It!!- Your next big Work-from-home Business Idea

Opportunities mostly exist where no one can see them. A simple act of putting artistic touches to your nails could be a booming work-from-home business.

We are going to talk about Nail Art today.

Nail art is essentially creating designs on nails. Like tattoos, they are a medium of self expression.

Well cared for, groomed nails create a lasting and unforgettable first impression. A nice nail art, on the other hand, takes the beauty to the next level. Many people promote social causes, create style statements, and even advertise businesses and brands through nail art. It can be done on both hand and toe nails.

Having a nail art table at the party you throw for your girl gang is the next big thing these days.

It is a great home based business idea for women. It provides a lot of flexibility in working hours and also in choosing your clientele.

How to do it-

Usually, you would need to undertake a basic course first, so you could start it small from your home. Once you get experience, you can do advanced courses like nail extensions, nail art etc.

Based on hours of input, the earnings can be pretty high.

How to scale up-

Once you have mastered the art, and have a steady client base, you can take it a step further and provide services at events, parties, and set up stand alone kiosks on your free days at shopping arenas. You can also tie up with salons and spas and provide your services in your free time.

Says Ms Gurpreet Seble, the expert  who is instrumental in bringing Nail Art to India way back in 2004, is a Governing council member  for Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council ( Government of India’s NSDC) and has  written the National Standards for Nail Education in India under Skill India project by Government of India,  I’m the Governing Council Member for Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (NSDC)- “It’s a great opportunity for home based enterprise if the person is interested in Skill, which is the Government thrust. For the educated woman whose looking at working flexible hours from home it can be a very creative option.”

And as for why QWEEN says you should give it a try? Because, “the happiest girls always have the prettiest nails” (Tammy Tailor)


Create a Plan B for your child, its time to Learn with Learning Time

A QWEEN, who is running a school , had these thoughts to share

“When as parents, we select any school, the first thing that we go through is the school website and prospectus. The philosophy of school, objectives, vision, mission, etc etc. But still, as parents we often feel we do not get what was promised.

Why?What could be the reason? The reason is not poor quality, but quantity. In india, all the formulae to impart quality education to suit individual child’s needs fail. Simply because of sheer number of children in one class.Forget individual attention, sometimes, children who are introverts are often forgotten that they even exist?

Who is to be blamed ? Certainly, though part of the onus lies on teachers, parents too need to understand their responsibilities. There is as much a school can do, and children still spend more than 50% of their time at their homes. The teachers and school’s teaching methodology can provide the right environment, but learning is a continuous process and it doesn’t stop outside the school gates.”

Nothing can be closer to truth than these words coming from an educationist herself.

Parents should get involved in this learning process from early stages of a child’s development, and they should provide the right supplements in the form of books and learning aids.

This should be your Plan B when it comes to your child. He may or may not become a doctor or an engineer, but he must acquire knowledge and wisdom in a fun, easy way rather than rote learning.

This can only happen with the right tools and techniques at our disposal. With technology, it is easier to get a child’s attention and get them hooked to learning new skills through audio visual media. The one company which has most extensive background in early learning is Learning Time, a

A company that is in the business of developing and marketing early learning products for children since 1996.

Today. Learning time has been launched in 18 countries across Asia and Africa

One company that takes pride in helping children in so many countries excel in school and life through their program and in providing part-time and full –time opportunity to people thats not only financially rewarding but also makes them better parents, .

Join them to learn, earn, make a difference and have lots of fun too!



Parenting Woes? Bring them to Parent Town!

“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, and the hardest thing in the world to do”- Matt Walsh

If you have never walked barefoot on broken glasses, try parenting. The trials and tribulations of pregnancy and motherhood are nothing compared to parenthood. Right from the little baby who is completely dependent on you to the adamant-to-the-core independent teenager, parenting tries a human being like nothing else would.

Most parents feel and admit that parenting is a thankless job. You do everything under the sun, go beyond your patience limits and are tested every step of the way by your kids. All this while you are being constantly judged by everyone in the world. Add to it the frustration of not doing it right, the guilt of not being the next supermom or superdad and constant comparisons with those who seemingly have decoded parenting. Phew! it is indeed the worst job in the world. And a non-paying one! Beat That!

As mothers, women have it more difficult then most men. Whether working women or stay at home mothers, they are constantly battling their feelings of guilt and remorse for not doing enough. Sometimes it is for their family, other times for themselves. They are frustrated and are constantly looking out for answers to their various dilemmas.

QWEEN knows how difficult it is to be a good parent, and we appreciate the importance of a sound advice that could come from someone’s experience in a similar situation as yours. How wonderful it would be to have someone somewhere always at your beck and call? Someone who could empathise when you are in a quandary, help you with your problems, share their experiences, and guide you through the maze of good/bad, right/wrong, too strict/too lenient etc etc.

A true friend in every step of the way, because as they say, it takes a village to raise a child, so lets have the whole town for you!

QWEEN is proud to be associated with “Parent Town” – a community of parents as their Exclusive Work-From-Home experts. The interactive and super cool app by Parent Town is a one of its kind developed  for the parents and by the parents, where you could ask any questions you might have. Discuss any topic that’s on your mind. Interact with experts, share tips , tricks and make lifelong friendships, watch interesting videos on ParentTown TV and participate in exciting contests and giveaways for fun ! Literally, a town for all your Parenting Needs.

Visit for more details.

They are also on iTunes and Android as an App. Download the App Now



Make a foray in Jewelry business- Qween tells you how

Every woman is passionate about jewelry and believes in the cliched ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

How would you feel if we tell you diamonds are not only your best friends, but could become your business partner too?

With minimal investment, you could start your very own jewelry business at home. It could be a zero-inventory model, where you order in what you sell, and don’t have to deal with rejects at all! So , all you need is a knack for sales, passion for jewelry and some basic training and knowledge to help clients choose the best for yourself. And you are all set!

Ms Deepa Jain, founder  of Nish Jewels , a jewelry boutique store , loves to design unique pieces for her customers.She avers-” Invest in your knowledge and gain qualifications. Every woman has a dream to own exquisite pieces of jewelry and we try our level best to give the desired quality and customized solutions at the best possible price.” ( You can read her full interview here – )

Qween has got an insider’s lowdown on how you too can start a jewelry business from home.

All you have to do is become a business associate with a leading jewel house. You could promote jewelry as accessory and encourage other women to wear whatever they please to, without thinking of it as an investment to be confined to bank lockers or certain occasions.

What you get in return? well, you get certified real diamond jewelry at wholesale prices, that means there is no mark up cost or showroom prices!

When you buy a diamond jewelry set , you are always in a fix, because when you have got bored of it, or would like to exchange it for something else later, you would get almost nothing for the worth of diamonds you originally paid for. Exchange prices for diamonds are really very low or almost nil in most cases.

But with a jewelry lifestyle service, you get high end designer ornaments, which can also be rented for certain time. So , without really investing in it, you could enjoy the pieces and pay as per usage. This is a lucrative business opportunity with high earning potential.

Says Ms Jain ” It is important for people to understand that jewelry is more a lifestyle statement than a source of investment these days. Like good clothes, a good taste in fine jewelry also defines a woman’s personality. “
Temporary ownership with no obligation to buy the jewelry means you can have your diamond studded cake, and eat it too :-) For more information on how you too can enter into this glittering business, click here.




Be a Makeover Artist: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Any woman can vouch for the impact going for a makeover  and donning a good makeup has. Everyone wants to look sleek, smart and well turned out. Very few, though, actually know their blush from their compacts. For such women, makeover artists play an important role.Can you be a makeover artist too? Check out these myths and discover for yourself-

Myth#1 -I do an excellent job when it comes to my makeup, and most friends and family swear by my style. Surely, I am an expert and can take it up professionally-

Makeup is neither about just 4 or 5 components like lipstick and mascara nor is it only about getting ready for functions or weddings. According to Prerna Mittal Patel, a home based makeover artist with a venture called “ Making Faces” – “It is about looking good every single day.” So more and more women are getting help from makeover artists like her for their interviews, meetings, important corporate events, as well as weddings and theme parties.

A makeover artist actually helps present the entire package for you. Right from coordinating clothes, makeup, hair, accessories, they will help in all aspects of your turnout to suit the occasion, lighting and event.

A good makeover artist can work from home and at the same time outsource her services to others. Makeover and makeup artists are in huge demand at fashion and runway events.  They are also in demand during award functions and elite Indian weddings and social gatherings where organisers call for their services due to heavy demand from guests and attendees.

Makeover artists scale up their work profile by taking workshops or one-to-one classes for makeup. These classes are generally conducted at home, and work as a good earning option for trained and experienced makeover artist.

Myth #2 Makeover artist is just another fancy name for a beautician- How is a makeover artist different from a beautician?

Doing make up for somebody else is totally a different ball game than doing make up on yourself. You have to take care of skin tone, texture of hair, dress up style, and even posture to make sure overall effect is good.  Says Samantha Kocchar – “Most make-up artists need to understand that every bride is an individual and should be treated in that manner.” And this is where the celebrity stylist brings in the difference. “Rather than going crazy with make-up, it is advisable to work on various features and highlight them. Someone has beautiful eyes, lips or skin, and for the D-day the artist should highlight the features.”* Makeover is holistic, while makeup is just to cover up blemishes”

Myth # 3 You don’t need any training to be a makeover artist

To be a successful makeover artist, the foremost prerequisite is a formal training from a reputed institute. Many renowned makeover specialists have their own institutes, and there are some formal institutes like the Pearl Academy of Fashion which conduct regular courses .The training should help a person develop a sense of hairstyle, skin textures, facial features, and of course make up products. A makeover artist should have great fashion sense and her fingers on the pulse of the industry. She should keep herself updated with the latest trends and should be able to highlight the best features of her client and help her shine through, irrespective of the occasion.

Myth #4 A Makeover specialist does not require any work experience-

To become successful and respected in this field, you must look out for opportunities to showcase your skills and knowledge. Internships with renowned makeover artists, assisting makeovers during photo shoots, liaisoning with model management companies for work are just some of the avenues you can explore to create a name and a body of work for yourself.

Like any other profession, to be a successful home based makeover specialist requires dedication and hard work initially. Proper authentic training from an expert and your hard work in making others look and feel beautiful and confident will surely translate into success.




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