Tarot Reading- 5 steps to a healing and satisfying profession

Modernisation has brought with it a host of problems. The level of stress has increased and hence people are turning to new-age healers for solutions.
Ask any lifestyle magazine or newspaper, their mailbox is filled with readers’ letters for tarot card readers asking for solutions to their daily problems.
Today, a tarot reader’s studio is always buzzing with people from all walks of life seeking readings for stress management, meditation, healing and solutions to their problems.
Tarot card readers are required everywhere, from television and radio to events, cultural programmes, social gatherings, kitty parties, and so on. Besides, the corporate sector, event management companies, sports, appoint tarot card readers before a new launch, event or game.

Modern India is experiencing a whole range of career options and one such new-age career with bright prospects, but still unexplored, is tarot card reading. With people getting more restless to know what their future holds, palm-readers, numerologists, astrologers and tarot card readers are prospering.

Who is a Tarot Reader?
A tarot card reader predicts the future of clients by reading tarot cards and also suggests remedies to their problems. Tarot reading revolves around the fact that the cards can be used to gain insight into the current and possible future situations of the client.
The images on tarot cards energize and help identify problems and solutions. A good tarot reader not only reads the cards but also endeavors to awaken the inner self of the client. Each card has a variety of symbolic meanings that have evolved over the years.

What does one need to be a Tarot Reader?

Here’s a list of attributes and skills you need to focus on to become a really good reader. These are guidelines, rather than rules.

  • Be a good listener. You are not there to demonstrate your awesome skill, you are there to give your client some much-needed support. Hear what they are saying, repeat it back to them in your own words, if necessary. Really try to understand their point-of-view. Just as importantly, you must also be able to be objective and see the situation neutrally.
  • Know your cards as well as you possibly can. Improve your knowledge on a daily basis by drawing a card a day, keeping a tarot journal, reading many books and talking to other tarot readers. Practice, practice, practice. These things are not chores, they are part of the process of learning the tarot.
  • You need some measure of counselling skills. You might be instinctively good at dealing with people, especially if you have a lot of life experience. You should know if you can be direct with a client, or whether you need to be more circumspect. Some people like their readings ‘straight’, some are terrified of hearing bad news. Senses are heightened during a reading; that person is completely focused on your words so remember that something you say might fix itself in the seeker’s mind for the rest of their life. Look into acquiring a basic counselling qualification.
  • Be a good communicator. You must enjoy interacting with people, and you must be able to get your message across in such a manner that you are not misunderstood. Don’t overpower the seeker with tarot jargon. They don’t care much about the tarot itself, they are only interested in the situation that they are consulting you about. If you can get them to really look at the card and express how it makes them feel, then you are doing really well.
  • Work on developing your intuition. This will come the more you practice. Try doing tarot readings for unfolding news stories. See how the cards reflect real life situations. Play tarot games. There are many books, websites and courses available that provide exercises for the budding reader. 

How much can one expect to earn as a tarot reader?

The earning depends on the kind of work and project a tarot reader is working on.Remuneration is not usually fixed. A beginner can charge between Rs 100-500 for half an hour. Experienced tarot readers can charge from Rs 2,000-5,000. For bigger projects like real estate and construction companies, one can even charge Rs 10,000-15,000 per project.

Tarot Reading is a satisfying profession involving a lot of give and take, and like healers and therapists, it is a very rewarding profession for those who practice it with full energy and honesty. Many people today face issues that they are unable to handle by themselves, and a good tarot reader can guide them in a way they can accept the reality of their problems and strive to work hard to overcome them.

QWEEN provides extensive tarot reading workshop, which is an extensive 3 month course on  tarot card reading skills and little bit of numerology according to your birth dates. You will be able to know the nature of that person and his or her past present and future. This is relevant for 6 months of that particular person. It helps to bring positiveness in that person also.

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The one must-do thing this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day has arrived. Spring is in the air, and women who are too busy to notice what’s going around outside of their daily routine are also looking for something red to wear in their wardrobes.

As February 14th arrives, so does the long list of expectations that comes along with it. If you are one half of a couple, it’s crunch time to place flower orders and make reservations. If you haven’t, then you may be dreading February 15th. But what if this year you choose to do things a little differently?

The newspapers and magazines, even internet is over flowing with pieces about Valentine’s Day and love and respect etc etc. According to website Trak.in, Indians spent a whopping 18000 crores on gifts on Valentines day in 2014.The figure is likely to get tripled this year.

What if, when you make your list of valentines, you include yourself this time? Showing yourself some love this Valentine’s Day could be your sweetest decision yet . This is one relationship, the most important one, that needs to be loved, cherished, taken care of and respected the most. The relationship you have with yourself.

We place such a measured focus on relationships and couples and love, that we forget that loving ourselves is the most important thing that we could do in our life.

It’s become conventional wisdom that we’re all supposed to love ourselves, no matter what our relationship status.
And in this heavily selfied , highly Instagrammed world, you have to realise that loving yourself is also an important matter on the agenda called life.

Loving yourself is not the prerogative of  women looking for someone to love, in fact, if you can’t love yourself, how will you love anyone else?  But for most women in our country, loving oneself goes out of the window the moment someone else walks into their lives. Out go their dreams , passions, hopes and ambitions. Everything is done as the utmost duty towards that one person they love, and all their feelings and hopes are put away like album full of old pictures, taken out from time to time, looked at, and sighed upon.

I am not saying to throw away the red roses or that heart shaped pillow, or to cancel your date with your spouse. In fact, I think those things are very important. What I don’t want all of us women to continue to do is to let ourselves get lost like an old photo in this melee.

If you don’t take the time to appreciate ourselves, how can we expect that others will?In fact, the more you neglect yourself, the more your other relationships suffer.If you are constantly doing things for others and leaving yourself as the last priority, all you will be left with will be feelings of bitterness and self resentment and your other relationshops will suffer as a consequence.

Will you be considered too selfish if you took care of yourself?I don’t think so.  I truly believe that taking care of you is one of the most important things that you can do for the ones you love.So how will you show yourself some love? It doesn’t really mean sending yourself a dozen roses or a box of chocolates.It is more about taking the time to think about the things that you really want to do in your life, and really want for yourself and what makes you feel good, and getting rid of the people and commitments that do not fit into that category.

One of the best things about loving yourself is that it is contagious. We are all drawn to and attracted by that person in a room that signals the right levels of confidence because it is the type of easy-going confidence that makes us all feel better for having met them. Self-lovers make us feel better about ourselves not worse.

It is perfectly possible to love yourself but still strive to change for the better. It’s about having values but not being overly judgmental or intolerant of others. We are all work in progress in terms of self-development and what best way to show our true love for self than Meet Yourself !

With QWEEN, let’s discover the real you.
Book- Sunny Day’s Secret- Todd Patkin

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Sarojini Naidu- A Nightingale’s flight on a broken wing!

As soon as one mentions the name of Sarojini Naidu, ‘the nightingale of India’ flashes in mind.

A Bengali, who had the spunk to marry a South Indian at the time when intercaste marriages were frowned upon, Sarojini Naidu the ‘Nightingale Of India’, was a prolific writer, renowned poet as well as a prominent politician.

She was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress. She was also the first woman Governor of the country.She started writing at the age of 12, won a scholarship to study in UK, came back to the country, participated in Salt Satyagraha, wrote plays, poems, books, articles.

She brought women from different sections of the society together to fight for freedom of the country. She was the front runner for equality and a champion for women empowerment. The tribute that we can give her is through her poem, “ Broken Wings” which sums up what we want our QWEENs to do!

She lived her glorious life by her own words, “As long as I have life, as long as blood flows through this arm of mine, I shall not leave the cause of freedom…I am only a woman, only a poet. But as a woman, I give to you the weapons of faith and courage and the shield of fortitude. And as a poet, I fling out the banner of song and sound, the bugle call to battle. How shall I kindle the flame which shall waken you men from slavery…”

When she suffered a heart attack and died on March 2, 1949, she was still in office. With the passage of time, she and other greats like her are mostly forgotten. However, the vagaries of time and inevitability of death are best described in her own words-

Dream yields to dream, strife follows strife,

And Death unweaves the webs of Life.



Chirkut Zindagi (Small Life)- Make it Grand!!

“It went just over my head, didn’t understand at all, why did we have to watch this movie?” This was my friend grumbling about the much awaited Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone starrer movie “Tamasha” last year. The reviews all around were the same, people were waiting for this movie post their break up, and all through it went around with looks that either people didn’t understand it, or didn’t want to acknowledge that it showed them a mirror, even if just for a few moments, they saw their own image and it was not something they liked…

Maybe the movie was too ahead of its time , or maybe we have stopped understanding the importance of knowing our true selves..I was quiet, as the movie somewhere tugged at some emotions. What I saw in the second part of the movie as Ranbir Kapoor, in a cast, a mould, is what I felt some years back when I was planning to quit my corporate job.

Deepika Padukone: Yeh tum nahi ho Ved, yeh sab nakli hai.(this is not you, Ved, This is all fake)

Ranbir Kapoor: Main woh Don thodi na hu Tara, woh toh acting thi na. Woh main ek role play kar raha tha aur yeh main real mein hoon.( I am not that Don Tara, that was acting, I was playing a role then, and this is the real ME”)

Deepika Padukone: Phir toh main kisi aur ke saath hoon Ved, main kuch aur dhoond rahi hoon –(Then I am with someone else Ved, I am looking for something else)

Who is the real you? The one who was a free spirited story teller or the one who sat down to work endlessly as a middle level marketing manager? Why one can’t have what one truly deserves?

The reason it happened was no one was there to listen to the protagonist who was  always in a dreamland. The desire to leave the “chirkut zindagi” the way he wanted was so strong that he had to kill his soul to face the harsh realities of life.

Making a career is more important than doing what you love, and that’s how second careers, burn outs and sometimes total collapses of personalities happen.

What if someone told you, after spending 10 years in a job that you are not fit for this, and you should try something else? Would it be easy? Would you be able to break the routine you moulded yourself into, and get into the danger zone?

Funny, it was never a danger zone in first place, the zone was where you were “YOU” , your most real self, something that you always wanted to be. But who made you realise it? No one!

“I wish I had more time to do this work”

“I always wanted to do that, but I am stuck up with this job”

“I am not giving even 20% of what I can to my life”

“Only if someone told me which way to go and I will be giving my 100% I will follow it”

“I wanted to be an artist, I wish someone had told me I had potential and could have done it only if I had a chance then”

Have you ever felt any of these? Most of us have a feeling of dissatisfaction with what we are doing at the moment. Some of us have the ability (and guts) to actually break the barrier and start moving towards the other side where grass is greener, but rest of us just keep on living the days as they come.

Burdened with unfinished desires, hopes and aspirations, we enter into the world of parenthood, and kind of push our children into same grind. When a child tells he doesn’t want to write  or draw, we start telling them the importance of it so that he/she could get into a reputed school. A slightly grown up child frets over Math or Science, but scared of letting them choose their own careers, we push them into endless tuitions, extra classes etc only to make sure they clear an exam created by adults to check their rote learning, and grab a certain degree to reach a certain job, only to live into the same grind and ask the same questions from themselves as we are doing right now.

Why?Is it not necessary that our children get to do what they are really good at doing and NOT what we think is good for them? What if they were not cut-out for the rigors of corporate life, and could have excelled at something else?

Realise the power of your mind- Are you living up to your potential?

Qween is delighted to inform you about the DMIA Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis  (beginner program which Brain Caliber is conducting in Mumbai .In this unique program you will learn effective counselling techniques to guide all age groups based on core competencies.,determine an individual’s natural skills and abilities to assist individuals in planning their careers and improving social skills. Get empowered, empower others.


The importance of staying true to your entrepreneurial spirit

6 tips to help you succeed in your business

Should I stay or should I go?

This is a question I pondered for a long time as I was building a vision of having my own venture on the side while working a full-time job. It was a tricky time; I needed a stable income, but also wanted to focus more time on my entrepreneurial dream.

So when I was finally able to quit my 9-to-5 job to pursue my passion, I never looked back. And there are many women out there like me, trying to find their own way, straying away from their roots and branching out high in the sky.For 10 years, I worked as high life finance professional. But that was only half the story. Increasingly, I realised that so many small businesses often do not get the kind of treatment they deserve, or respect that they should have only because no one takes women doing business from home seriously. Largely it is considered a way to hide cash income of their businessmen husbands. But QWEEN changed all that.

At our various networking events, workshops and seminars, and even on our websites, we offer an option for budding entrepreneurs to tell us about their entrepreneurial dream so our team could reach out and help them put foundations below it.

We have had a chance to speak with thousands of aspiring and seasoned business owners. Some want to start a fashion boutique or grow their photography hobby into a business. But they are too scared of the necessary time and commitment. We have spoken to many successful business women who want to drive their business further but are overwhelmed by switching to new technology, or maybe increase their marketing efforts online despite the significant benefits their business can achieve.

QWEEN keeps our huddle meets going on by pondering over these questions.

Why do women like them who took a bold step by making a move out of a cushy 9 to 5 job or came out of their homes to start their own venture become complacent?

Why do they settle for “one step forward –two steps back” approach? What can they do better?

Here are 6 tips to consider: 

  1.  Seek continual inspiration- Consider where you can find inspiration to take your idea to the next level, or reaffirm your commitment to serving your target customers.  You must attend workshops, events, meets, and get constant inspiration to nurture your drive. The motivation which you will receive from these motley crowd who did just what you are doing, felt what you have been feeling and suffered as much or more as you are, will give you the necessary courage to surge ahead. You can make new partnerships and grow mutually. Keeping yourself involved in networks (once a week or a few times a month) and staying true to your entrepreneurial roots keeps you connected.  With this grounding, you will never lose sight of why you built your venture in the first place.
  2. Find your labour of love- Starting your business really is a labour of love. You’ll be spending countless hours in building it so you have to enjoy what you do. Initially it may not be profitable, but whether it is profitable or not is beside the point, you first have to learn to love what you do before you actually start building it. Have a leap of faith!
  3. Reap the rewards of risk-taking -Starting a business is the biggest risk of all. But as it continues to grow, it’s important to take calculated risks to stay ahead of competitors. Whatever your goal is, create three separate plans towards achieving that goal, and then be prepared for at least two of those plans to fail. Things happen! So, set aside an allocated budget to take some chances on new initiatives and make peace with the fact that you might lose that investment but others may win big. If you plan correctly, that loss should not be detrimental. The important thing is that you’re taking chances and learning what it takes to run a business. Success today is achieved as a result of calculated risk, careful planning early on and due diligence to stay on track.
  4. Define your why-Ask yourself the reason you do what you do. Is it because you like doing it? What is your true “Why”? At QWEEN, our true WHY was to help small businesses succeed. When determining yours, think about the bigger picture and what motivates you to do your work.By imparting training, discussing ideas, and providing a platform to choose a variety of work-from-home options, we are helping women build and stay in their businesses and support them with the quality of life they want. So what is your why?
  5. Identify what success looks like-Once you’ve determined your why, it’s time to create measureable goals and define what success looks like for you.Does success mean turning a profit? Maybe it simply means having the best bakery in town. Whatever the case may be, the state of your business will fluctuate. So stop worrying about what the competition is doing and stop obsessing about the market. I’ve found that by focusing on the why, the money starts to come anyway. So success for us in general is great feedback and overwhelming responses to our workshops. The smile on the faces of QWEENs is icing on the cake!
  6. Practice patience-It’s no surprise that running a small business is a long journey, so it’s important to exercise patience through the whole process. As an entrepreneur you are the leader of your business. So take a note from the other entrepreneurs of the past and present, and practice as much patience as possible. You are going to have good days and bad days, sometimes very bad days. In order to have the great days, you should be taking risks and trying new things. If you aren’t, you really aren’t growing your business at all.

Whether you’ve been in your practice or business for six months or six years, it’s time to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship. Building a business is a journey with numerous ups and downs. Like any great endeavour, it takes time to establish, but the benefits are well worth the hard work and risks!

Join us at India Entrepreneur’s meet; see your life turn around! Click here and register for the event now!



Manage your inner critic

Save yourself from getting hijacked by negative thoughts!

Whether we realize and acknowledge it or not,most of us are reasonably doing well in our lives. Despite the struggles and problems that we face, all women know how to find their way out and are giving their best in all circumstances. But most of us have a few negative “sound-tracks” playing in our heads in background.

So when someone compliments us, instead of feeling happy and recharged, we hear in our mind “ i am not that good” “I’m not doing that well/I didn’t do that well”  “Other people are judging me poorly”

These negative thoughts are like your own Evil DJ, playing the negative soundtracks in a loop!

Slowly, we lose confidence in our own abilities, and the seemingly easy tasks suddenly feel impossible to do, and also come with their own negative thoughts, self doubt and hopelessness.

Next time, you have negative thoughts playing in the background of your mind, try these simple tricks-

  1. Use a Show Stopper- The moment you start feeling negative- use a prop to stop the drama! It could be a poster, a motivational thought, a talk with a friend who wont put you down, or a picture of you achieving something-like maybe trekking up a mountain! Stop the background negative music using a show stopper and ask yourself-

Am I stuck in my head right now?

Is there any evidence to support these thoughts?

  1. Ask When You Think About the Past

When something doesn’t go as well as you hoped, don’t waste time repeatedly criticizing yourself or dwelling on what went wrong.

It’s important to avoid lingering regret. Research shows that, if you only focus on regret and self-blame, you are more likely to perform worse in a similar situation in future.

Instead, create a problem-solving and growth mindset by asking yourself questions about what other, additional actions you could have taken to improve the outcome. Try to ask open-ended questions, especially those beginning with ‘What’ or ‘How’. This is called ‘counterfactual’ thinking.

  1. Be your own favourite and your own best friend!

Okay, so you just lost an assignment or an opportunity to competition. The next thing that you do is go in the brooding mode, tell everyone to lay off till you feel better, keep thinking about it, and tell everyone from maid to the stranger in coffee shop how bad you are. Relax, drama queen! Tell yourself to snap out of it. Treat yourself with some respect and same friendliness that you would an old friend. Love your grit, ability to do so much, and appreciate the fact that you are still able to do it.

Remember that your thoughts are not always the facts, and sometimes, it helps to keep out the noise and keep doing what you are good at. Sooner or later, the results will show, and you will be in a position to have happy tunes playing up in your head!So instead of becoming a drama queen, be a QWEEN!



Full Potential Labs Inc.






The five kind of business women you will find everywhere

The five kind of business women you will find everywhere- have you got your own list of these irksome-quirksome?

Kiara walked in the office and stomped her bag on the table. “I have had it !!!” She exclaimed!

Wondering what got the raw nerve of this otherwise sweet and wonderful QWEEN, I tenderly approached her..” What happened?” I asked. “Something got you on your way to work?” and despite my best intentions, I couldn’t hide smirk in my voice. ‘Must be a difficult client or the traffic or may be the maid’ I presumed.What followed was a laugh riot when she told me about a networking event she had attended the other day. Read on as I give you the sneak peek into what exactly got her this time..

Kiara’s top 5 categories of businesswomen/entrepreneurs

  1. The Drama Queen- Well, she is just that, a drama queen. Period. She has a lot to bear every single day while she paddles her business to you. The reasons for delay in her services or product deliveries are just short of a catastrophe, largely a personal one- like her son having a “severe” cold, or may be martians just attacked her home! Whatever it is, be prepared to hear the saga of endless woes with a tissue-box in hand , as it will always be some long winding story
  2. The Businessman Woman- The woman in this category will always be having a guy’s approach to business. Rolled up sleeves, shooting expletives,sometimes even at clients – comes naturally to her. Her ego is up there in the sky and in her head she is already a business tycoon. This woman will always be ready to pounce at the smallest feedback with the vengeance of a Viking. Be ready to have an earful from her no matter it is targeted at you or someone else.
  3. The I-me-myself woman- Agreed, it takes a lot of guts , hard work and determination to start a business. An off shoot of drama queen, this type of businesswomen will always try to project their businesses. For them, they come first, always. They can promote their color coded tissue box delivery business at a wedding ceremony and a funeral with equal ease! After all, people are going to cry when the bride or mortal remains are sent off, right? These women will always want to piggyback their way to business on an event. So be prepared if they drop their business cards or even their wares at your promotion desk at an event !
  4. The Diva-Goddess- This businesswoman will have a condescending look. She will always look down on you as a lesser mortal, someone who is the lowliest insect on the planet. Or probably she will completely ignore you, telling you through her high nose- that you really don’t deserve to have her product or even worthy of inquiring about the service. She , with her perfectly manicured hands, designer bags, coiffed hair, and a thing for tongue –rolled “R”s will always be the center of attention, never mind that all she deals in is a range of lunch boxes !
  5. The Alpha Female- This one is our favourite. Her kids go to best school, husband has 7 figure salary, drives the latest sports sedan, holidays every 3 months in exotic destinations (how do we know, Facebook and selfies! ) she really doesn’t need the money and she says so, and she is doing the business as a favour to all of us so we could benefit from her benevolence. This woman is very hard to please, and she will throw all her weight behind herself to ensure you do not leave without buying what she has to offer, just because she is the best!

As for what category had irked my fellow QWEEN that day, well, keep guessing, better, leave a comment with your funny stories about any of these business women you have met ! Err… do you belong to one of these categories too! 😉

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If you could suspend all fear and practicalities, what would your next big move be?
How would you structure your days? Your income?

If you are one of those women searching for an answer to the question, “What’s next?” Consider yourself to be pretty normal! Instead of brooding whether you have hit a plateau in your career or this is some midlife crisis, think of this phase as a pivot, a knot in your career path which will help you relaunch yourself in a different direction.

Whether you have hit a plateau in your perfect-on-paper job, or considering taking on a new role in your current job, or thinking about starting your own business, or you want to move into a new industry altogether, one thing remains clear: your career success depends on your ability to determine your next best move.

Careers today  are not linear, predictable ladders any longer; they are fluid trajectories. No matter our age, life stage, bank account balance, or seniority, we are all being asked to navigate career changes much more frequently than in years past. The average employee tenure in India has shifted from 15 to 20 years to just 4 to 5 years, and add to this the dynamics of a working woman whose career path has been crisscrossed by life milestones like marriage and motherhood, it is even lower.

Our economy now demands that we create businesses and careers based on creativity, growth, and impact. In this dynamic world of work, the only move that matters is your next one.

In her path-breaking book, Pivot,  Jenny Blake—a former training and career development specialist at Google  draws from her own experience and those of other successful pivoters, and  has created a four-stage process that teaches anyone how to seamlessly and continually:

  • Double-down on existing strengths, interests, and experiences
  • Find new opportunities and identify skills to develop without falling prey to analysis-paralysis and compare-and-despair
  • Run small experiments to determine next steps
  • Take smart risks to launch with confidence in a new direction

When you pivot, you double down on your existing strengths and interests to move in a new, related direction, instead of looking so far outside of yourself for answers that you skip over your hard-won expertise and experience. It empowers you to navigate changes with flexibility and strength—now and throughout your entire career.

But how do you evaluate options and move forward without getting stuck? Jenny Blake’s solution: it’s about small steps, not big leaps—and the answer is already right under your feet

Her advice to potential pivoters?

  1. One pivot pitfall is stretching too far, ending up in one’s panic zone, paralyzed by fear. Instead, focus on small career experiments first that help you test the waters of a new direction. A strong experiment should test Three E’s: Enjoyment, Expertise, and Expansion.
  2. Don’t take your pivot personally, like there’s something wrong with you. Plateaus are a good thing! They signal you are ready for something new.
  3. Embrace fear, insecurity and uncertainty as the doorways of opportunity that they are. Build first, then your courage will follow (not the other way around). Just start taking small steps, rooted in your strengths.

If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it!






Letter to Santa by a Work-From-Home Mother!

My Top 10 wish list for Christmas!

Dear Santa

Yes, finally, I could make my reluctant- to- hold- a- pencil- but- ready- to- paint- the- town(and my lacquered ,newly minted walls) -red son to write a letter to you.

Of course I put in ideas in his head as to what he should ask you !

You think you could deliver a rocket to go to the moon and back, a “real gun” and a house made of candy , home delivered , or should I say, Amazon delivered for a 4 year old in a 1500 sq Flat?

Before your cuddly grandpa like ho ho ho becomes Ha Ha Ha , I too have a wish list of my own.

I thought I’d help you out this year since I know a few home-based working moms, and I may be able to tell you what is on a lot of their lists. So to save you some time, I’ve put together the top ten things Work-from-home women want For Christmas

10.  Your Elf please!- We want them badly to help entertain the children so we can get some- in fact- ANY work done.

9.  One more Elf Please !- We want another elf to help get all the Christmas shopping done, yeah, even for online shopping we need one, so while I work on my latest project past its deadline 10 days ago, your elfie can use my phone for online shopping!

8.  And just one elf to wrap all those gifts.

7. Errrrrr… One more elf to decorate the tree, the house , and one to keep watch so the kids don’t knock it over.

6.  An elf would be nice to put those lights up that Hubby has been postponing to get down since Diwali so we could put the new ones for Christmas!

5. One Elf for cleaning up the house, and of course to fold all that laundry! oh please say you will.

4. It would be great if we could borrow Mrs. Claus just to do some Christmas baking for us!

3. And Santa, can you send a personal trainer elf to get rid of some of these extra holiday pounds?

2.  Oh and an extra wonderful, loving elf to watch these lil angels so husband & I can attend a holiday party would  just be perfect!
And Santa, the top thing QWEENs want for Christmas is……


  1. Some of that magical dust for more hours in the day!


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