How to get work even if you have zero work experience

The year was 2015. Freshly graduated, Nita had a lot of dreams about her career. And then it happened. Her father finally found a good match for her. Everything was picture perfect. For some time, Nita also forgot that she had planned a career ahead. Happily married, first few years went away in settling in new routine and getting used to married life. Motherhood followed, and slowly all her past life was relegated to old albums and faint memories.

One day, at a school reunion, she met a friend. Her friend was working with an MNC. Nita was struck by her personality, and found herself a little pulled down by the fact that despite scoring better throughout, she had nothing much to say about what she is doing. Though she knew she was doing far more work as a homemaker, she suddenly realised that all her hard work during her school and college days amounted to nothing.Instead of feeling good and positive after the reunion, she came back depressed.

Sounds familiar? Is it your story or of someone you know? Read on…

Never one to give up, she decided to look for opportunities. Every afternoon, she would sit down and look for opportunities in newspapers, as well as online. Though she was skeptical that most of the jobs might want some kind of prior work experience, she was delighted to learn that it was never too late to start working again.

How? What was it that Nita found that was both satisfying, rewarding and didn’t require her to venture out of home?

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How to get work with Zero Work Experience- QWEEN


Telecalling- How your phone can be your ATM, a Work-From-Home Opportunity with zero investment!

Its rare that we get an opportunity this big to work -from-home. It doesn’t need any investment, except for your free time.

Telecalling or telemarketing is one such field. Over a period of time, with the penetration of internet, it has become more or less the only point of contact between corporations and their customers.

Setting up a call centre and having an army of telecallers to do the job is not everyone’s forte, and so many companies, SMEs, and organisations rely on telecallers who can operate from home or on a part-time or project basis. It helps cut costs, and also helps in getting the message across to customers without investing a lot of capital in setting up a call centre.

Even after so many marketing possibilities through social media, print media and mobile chat portals, companies still consider tele calling an important marketing strategy.

Here is why it is still relevant for marketers

  1. It helps in reaching one-to-one to the customers- Instead of broadcasting a message, one to one conversation gives more insights to marketers about their target market
  2. Its more direct and gives live feedback- This is direct approach, where a customer is made aware of the products available, and hence can be used as an effective tool
  3. It is cost effective- More and more marketers are realising that direct tele-calling is more effective and gives instant results instead of spreading their advertising budget and reach thin across various mediums. It helps to connect with the target market, without spending too much as cost of making a call is very low compared to creating adverts, paying advertising fee etc.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more companies these days prefer the tele-marketing route over the other mediums.

QWEEN has regular crowd -sourcing requirements from its partners and various companies looking for effective tele-marketing  or tele-calling teams. We think it is one of the most satisfying and rewarding work-from-home opportunities, as it requires minimum investment and results are almost instantaneous. 

How does it work?

A telecaller is expected to make calls, a work-from-home telecaller would ideally be expected to have her own mobile phone/ landline and also a computer and internet connection. Most companies provide their own database to be tapped. These days the companies provide facilities like call recording by  routing your calls to their database to a server which records the calls.Payouts are really rewarding , as the caller is paid for each successful call made.

Why would they prefer you over a call centre?

We all have attended calls from routine call centres, and we all know how we have blocked these calls, or have got irritated at their lack of knowledge, even the lack of command over language! We understand that the call centres routinely hire freshers, who are just out of college, and lack confidence and effective communication skills for the real world. Having been at the receiving end of these calls yourself, you know how difficult it is to be efficient as well as effective in the first 20-30 seconds of the call.

Companies usually provide full training to you in the field of their products and services, and this equips you even better to handle these calls.

Finally, when you are making calls from your own home using your own equipment ( bills for the particular sim card are generally fully reimbursed), the companies make a huge saving on call centre infrastructure as well as hiring charges.

How does it help me?

  1. Work -From-Home- You can work from home at your own pace and convenience. You are given a set target of calls to be made each day, and as you go along, you realise you can do better! Payments are made per successful call and this helps in utilising your free time in a productive manner
  2. Zero Investment- All you have to do is get a separate number ( QWEEN recommends having a separate number for these projects for your own safety and privacy) which you can use to make these calls. Your phone could be used, and location could even be the balcony of your home or a peaceful corner!
  3. Hone your communication skills- Trust us, we know that your confidence levels hit a new low when you are not working , or are not interacting with complete strangers on a regular basis. Calling up people and interacting with them in English or any other language helps you connect with the outside world, and brush up your communication skills. It also helps in thinking on your feet, as most of our experienced callers will tell you, when you are able to convince a customer from negative to positive, you realise the power of your speech!
  4. Potential to join the companies- All companies look for talent on a regular basis. If you have been on a career break or have been away from the industry for a while, this presents you with an excellent opportunity to get noticed. Who knows, you could be asked to join their marketing department or training department for telecallers!
  5. Not a binding commitment- If you are not the type who could stick with a particular type of job,You can do this work on a project basis, and get experience along with getting paid.
  6. No additional skills required- Your background could be arts or science, literature or architecture, nothing else is needed ,except for being a good communicator,

All this is really good, How do I start?

You can start by logging on to our website and selecting telecalling as preferred work -from-home opportunity. If you are a member of any of our whatsapp groups, you could get in touch with us there and ask to join in . You must update your profile on our website, so you could be contacted as soon as an opportunity arises.

QWEEN has two projects going live soon, and we are in the process of sourcing a team. So do join us today!


8 Worst Interview Mistakes Women Make

Did you know that almost 60% of women are likely to play down on their achievements at an interview? Also, that most women would accept upto 30% lesser compensation package than their male counterparts?

Are you one of these women who don’t know what is right at an interview?

QWEEN brings to you 8 common mistakes that you can avoid to excel at any interview

  1. Dressing Inappropriately

    Appearance sends a message about your professionalism and personality, so dress appropriately. With such a wide array of clothing to choose from, it’s easier for women to make a fashion faux pas when it comes to dressing for an interview. Keep colors muted, if wearing suits, opt for for navy blue, dark gray and black, and tone down jewelry and makeup. If formality is a concern, always dress one level above the position you’re applying for.Consider the company work culture, ask the person who set up interview if you are in doubt.

  2. Being too talkative

    Women tend to talk too much in interviews, which can dilute the message they are trying to convey. According to HR experts, the interviewer should be allowed to speak for at least 60% of the time during the interview. The candidate should keep responses less than one minute long to have active engagement from the interviewer. Your body language should be to maintain eye contact and lean slightly forward.

  3. Appearing too rigid

    Be likable, because likability more often than not excels over experience. A lot of women are good at connecting with others but make the mistake of turning off that ability when they go into an interview. Be yourself and let your personality, energy and optimism shine through. It will let your potential new boss know that you’re passionate about the position, a trait you’d bring to the job.

  4. Negotiating poorly

    One of the biggest interview mistakes made by women is accepting a job offer without negotiating for a better deal. Women tend to have a depressed perception of the market and often set salary targets too low–sometimes as much as 30% lower than men. Find out what the market pays in your industry and location, and ask for more than your true salary goal. If the initial offer is too low, ask for time to consider it and then come back with a counter-offer. Never assume that a “no” answer is set in stone.

  5. Playing poker- Bluffing!

    If an interviewer asks you questions on an unfamiliar topic, respond with remarks such as “that’s a really good question, but I’ll need to do a little bit of research first before I can respond,” or “I haven’t encountered that in my career, but I would make sure to seek guidance from my boss.”Unless you’re applying for a job as a professional poker player, bluffing your way through an interview is a definite no-no.

  6. Poor Self- Marketing

    Unlike men who can make the mistake of being too arrogant or pushy, women tend to be too modest about their accomplishments. The interview is the time to project confidence and pride in your work, not reticence. You are your brand. Promote your contributions to past projects, give specific examples of how your skills contributed to your former company’s success and discuss how your unique talents are well-suited for the position you’re seeking

  7. Avoiding responsibilities

    Women frequently make the blunder of testifying against themselves. They might respond to a management question by saying, “To be honest, I haven’t actually been in charge of an entire division, but …” Prefacing an answer with a disclaimer cancels out whatever positive information may follow. Always concentrate on your strengths, and never uncover insecurities unless specifically prompted for weaknesses by the interviewer.

  8. Worrying Too Much

    Women are more likely to worry themselves out of a job. The anxiety shows in the interview and projects a lack of confidence. What may be temporary stress will come off as a nervous personality. Walk into an interview armed with the idea that they will love you. That kind of positive energy will have a huge impact on the way the meeting goes. If you think you’re the right person for the job, the interviewer will be apt to believe it.

QWEEN proudly announces one on one workshop on brushing up your interview skills. Another quick workshop happening on Whatsapp Platform is sure to help you with developing your resume. Click here to know more! Or whatsapp us on 8097095554 now!





Reach where you want yourself to be- Get a Plan

Get yourself up with a success plan

If you are reading this blog, it is because you want more from your life.  You want to Revamp it! You want more than you have right now. You want more from yourself, you want more in life. Let’s face it, you know you are capable of doing so much more than you are currently doing, but you are just so busy with the day to day of your home routine that you are not even sure where to start

This is where you start. Right here at the very beginning.

You start with making a decision.

A decision that you are tired of putting in lots of hours and not getting the results you want.

The decision that you are ready to refocus, regroup and revamp your life.

The decision that you are sick of playing  it safe and feeling small in life.

The decision that you are ready to go after everything you have dreamed of and desired.

The decision that NOW is that time for you.

Think back to a time in your life where you have accomplished something great. What did you do? How did you achieve that accomplishment? If you analyze your process, I will bet you followed this 3-step success formula:

  1. You decided what you wanted exactly
  2. You looked at where you were at the time, and then
  3. You created a plan to bridge the gap.

That’s it! It sounds so easy. Now, let’s apply this same formula here.
What exactly do you want?

It sounds easy on the surface, but you want to create a goal that is going to worth it. You want it to give you the outcome you are looking for. However, you don’t want it to be so big that it is unrealistic.

You want to stretch yourself to live up to your full potential, but you need to believe you will get there as well. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. We have all heard that we should set goals, but how?

Well, whether you realize it or not, the next five years will be a blur…. and when you get there you will either be asking yourself where the time went and bemoaning that you just didn’t have the time to accomplish anything, or you can smile into the mirror with the realization that you took the time to plan out where you want to be and not only arrive there, but far surpass your wildest imagination.

It can be done!

The power of this process is incredible. It all starts with a far-out goal, followed by a detailed plan of action. Then simply add in the baby steps it will take along the way and you’re almost there.

If you really are thinking which way to look for when you decide to work from home, join us at FREE Work From Home Seminar.

Get the process right , the rest will follow..

The only thing that is stopping you from being YOU is yourself!

The time to start is NOW!

Are you up for it?

Click here and register for  Work-From-Home Seminar


Parenting Woes? Bring them to Parent Town!

“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, and the hardest thing in the world to do”- Matt Walsh

If you have never walked barefoot on broken glasses, try parenting. The trials and tribulations of pregnancy and motherhood are nothing compared to parenthood. Right from the little baby who is completely dependent on you to the adamant-to-the-core independent teenager, parenting tries a human being like nothing else would.

Most parents feel and admit that parenting is a thankless job. You do everything under the sun, go beyond your patience limits and are tested every step of the way by your kids. All this while you are being constantly judged by everyone in the world. Add to it the frustration of not doing it right, the guilt of not being the next supermom or superdad and constant comparisons with those who seemingly have decoded parenting. Phew! it is indeed the worst job in the world. And a non-paying one! Beat That!

As mothers, women have it more difficult then most men. Whether working women or stay at home mothers, they are constantly battling their feelings of guilt and remorse for not doing enough. Sometimes it is for their family, other times for themselves. They are frustrated and are constantly looking out for answers to their various dilemmas.

QWEEN knows how difficult it is to be a good parent, and we appreciate the importance of a sound advice that could come from someone’s experience in a similar situation as yours. How wonderful it would be to have someone somewhere always at your beck and call? Someone who could empathise when you are in a quandary, help you with your problems, share their experiences, and guide you through the maze of good/bad, right/wrong, too strict/too lenient etc etc.

A true friend in every step of the way, because as they say, it takes a village to raise a child, so lets have the whole town for you!

QWEEN is proud to be associated with “Parent Town” – a community of parents as their Exclusive Work-From-Home experts. The interactive and super cool app by Parent Town is a one of its kind developed  for the parents and by the parents, where you could ask any questions you might have. Discuss any topic that’s on your mind. Interact with experts, share tips , tricks and make lifelong friendships, watch interesting videos on ParentTown TV and participate in exciting contests and giveaways for fun ! Literally, a town for all your Parenting Needs.

Visit for more details.

They are also on iTunes and Android as an App. Download the App Now



Make a foray in Jewelry business- Qween tells you how

Every woman is passionate about jewelry and believes in the cliched ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

How would you feel if we tell you diamonds are not only your best friends, but could become your business partner too?

With minimal investment, you could start your very own jewelry business at home. It could be a zero-inventory model, where you order in what you sell, and don’t have to deal with rejects at all! So , all you need is a knack for sales, passion for jewelry and some basic training and knowledge to help clients choose the best for yourself. And you are all set!

Ms Deepa Jain, founder  of Nish Jewels , a jewelry boutique store , loves to design unique pieces for her customers.She avers-” Invest in your knowledge and gain qualifications. Every woman has a dream to own exquisite pieces of jewelry and we try our level best to give the desired quality and customized solutions at the best possible price.” ( You can read her full interview here – )

Qween has got an insider’s lowdown on how you too can start a jewelry business from home.

All you have to do is become a business associate with a leading jewel house. You could promote jewelry as accessory and encourage other women to wear whatever they please to, without thinking of it as an investment to be confined to bank lockers or certain occasions.

What you get in return? well, you get certified real diamond jewelry at wholesale prices, that means there is no mark up cost or showroom prices!

When you buy a diamond jewelry set , you are always in a fix, because when you have got bored of it, or would like to exchange it for something else later, you would get almost nothing for the worth of diamonds you originally paid for. Exchange prices for diamonds are really very low or almost nil in most cases.

But with a jewelry lifestyle service, you get high end designer ornaments, which can also be rented for certain time. So , without really investing in it, you could enjoy the pieces and pay as per usage. This is a lucrative business opportunity with high earning potential.

Says Ms Jain ” It is important for people to understand that jewelry is more a lifestyle statement than a source of investment these days. Like good clothes, a good taste in fine jewelry also defines a woman’s personality. “
Temporary ownership with no obligation to buy the jewelry means you can have your diamond studded cake, and eat it too :-) For more information on how you too can enter into this glittering business, click here.




The Genie in your Hand that can earn for you!!

Admit it, your smartphone is your lifeline. How about when we say, now , you can have an application which will not help you in spending but earning money?

With Squadrun, it’s possible to work from home and it is as simple as a tap on your smartphone screen.Squadrun is giving you the chance to work part-time for a distributed call centre. You can work part –time from home and earn money by making calls on behalf of your favourite brands like Uber, Flipkart, PayTM, Snapdeal, OLA etc. You will not be charged anything for these calls as all these calls will be made using the application. You can choose to work 2 to 5 hours per day and it is a 100% remote operating job.

Squadrun gives you complete flexibility and these calls can be made anytime between 9 am to 9 pm.Simply download application with code “QW” to unlock unlimited missions and register for the application.

Once you have done that, please send an email at to make sure you are added to our ever growing tele-calling support group for all the exclusive benefits, tips, tricks and more with fellow QWEENS who are already using this application!

So don’t wait!! Download NOW!!




All it takes is just one step to become a stride

Lets face it. We all have unfinished desires. We often come across news, books and magazines flooded with “100 things to do before you….” or “1000 things you must do in life….”

These are nothing but wishes of an impoverished mind. A mind which is devoid of fun, trained to curb its own desires and look ahead to each day as a long list of never ending work. Today, each life has become nothing but a list of unending chores and we are not really living but simply existing to  firefight problems and leave today’s work for tomorrow and simply fail to breathe.

How does one find some solace in this mad, mad rush of things? Where is the time to sit back, ponder at what’s going on? And where is the breather to think about improving our life in any way?

Most of us who are in a regular office job , rarely get time to pursue a hobby, or some training  or a course for self enhancement. Rest of the time we are simply dodging our responsibilities towards ourselves. We simply do not want to do anything too diabolical to rock the boat. We are doing only the things that matter for the next day, or next week or next month or for the next promotion. If someone even talks about having a hobby or attending a mind blowing session aside of their work, we simply shake our heads, and mumble to ourselves-“ in another time, another life”

This is so ironical!!

The tragedy of life is not Death, but what we let die inside ourselves while we live.

All of us have gone through it. A very good and promising artist at the age of 10 was brain washed into believing that her talent will not be “useful” or “worth it” because she won’t get a job. She quit the only thing that she loved the most and was true to her being- art. And today, 20 years later, she stands with a post graduate degree, a 5 figure monthly salary , family, home, car, everything that defines success. But deep inside her, the 10 year old girl who had found her true calling in art still lives. But, for fear of being ridiculed, or being too afraid to try something new after years of routine , she just lives there, and this so called successful woman is unable to fathom why she feels hollow deep inside. Why all the riches in the world lying at her feet do not make her heart full  and do not make her feel alive.

Nourishing our soul along with our mind and body is equally important for all of us. Learning a new skill, taking a new training, exploring new opportunities, pursuing our hobbies, and giving back to society is what makes our life richer and happier.

Our desires are not some lofty figments of our imagination. We need to make sure we all work hard to fulfil them. So if you have been putting away your desire to start your own venture, or learn a new skill, don’t.

Life is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun , making mistakes and learning from them.

Qween gives you a chance to live life- once again. Join us today.Take the first step. We assure you it would be one in the many strides you take in future.


6 steps to Unleash the Leader within You

Something is brewing under the surface. It is like the hoof taps of a million horses, the sound of a running train thundering towards its destination as heard with an ear on railway track. A movement, a turning point in the history of world.

You can almost smell it in the air when Indra Nooyi- CEO of Pepsico Worldwide- in one of her speeches last year, said- “Women today represent approximately 70% of buying decisions around the world.” Irrespective of the field, most major decisions around spending money involve women these days.Women are waking up to their true potential, they are ready to leave the confines of their home and go out and claim what is rightfully theirs. They seek recognition, demand respect, and earn their bread and butter while taking care of their responsibilities back home. Education and being able to take their own decisions has equipped women with a unique tool- a sense of wanting to change the world – the “can-do” sense with a sense of responsibility.

How do these educated, deserving women of today combat this hostility from peers, ironically from other fellow women? How can they emerge to be the true leaders that they are meant to be?

 Here are the 6 steps , which women have to follow to make their mark in the field of business-

  1. Bring your whole self to work. Be seamless, you should not park yourself outside the work place and become someone else, to be picked up later when you leave. You are a whole person, and unless you respect and accept your various roles and responsibility, inside and outside home and office- others won’t do so either.
  2. Improve your skills- In the competitive world, competency is the key. Apart from degrees, women should have skills, that sets them apart from the rest. Unless you are really known for something you are just  a generalist. In order to be competent you have to be lifelong student and be open to knowledge no matter what source it comes from.
  3. Have Courage and confidence- Only a good degree, and competence do not make you a successful person, you must be able to confidently put your thoughts across. Your courage to take risk and apply your skills in adverse situations is what will set you apart from the rest.
  4. Hone your communication skills- You should have excellent communication skills. Be a leader that everyone wants to follow, but no one wants to leave. The idea is to make people grow with you, so much so that they never wish to leave you. For this, You have to constantly be able to mobilise the troops in clear, crisp, concise manner.
  5. Be Consistent – Be it your business ethics, your professionalism, or your personal life, you have to keep consistency in your words and actions. You can change your business plan, change your mind against a set framework and radicalise the way you and your team perceives work, but you can’t keep your team guessing by constantly moving from one direction to another. The underlying current of achieving success and growth without compromising on values has to be consistent.
  6. Look through your moral compass- As Ms Nooyi puts it- “find your true north”. As an educated, qualified woman, start asking yourself-–“how can I change the world, how can I create a network that helps in changing the world?”

In the end, it’s all about how you follow your dreams , you have worked so hard to be where you are, and how to make the most of it.

Qween gives women the ability to influence the world from the confines of their home. They can discover a world full of opportunities for them to learn, explore and grow in.

Source: Indra Nooyi on Leadership Click here to watch the video

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The Secret of Successful People working from home

Women are increasingly and gradually seen marching into domains which were previously reserved for males (police, driver’s army, pilots, chartered accoun­tants, commandos). In spite of their increasing number in every field, women still remain perhaps the world’s most underutilized resources. They do not make best use of their skills. The rapid pace of economic development has increased the demand for educated female labour force almost in all fields and now that they have the privilege of working from home, they should make the most of it. Women who have taken career sabbaticals, are upbringing children and hardworking homemakers can be an active member of a work from home opportunity that awaits individuals like you.

SquadRun is one of the most interesting platforms that helps you work from wherever you are. How? Let’s find out.

  • It allows users to earn by completing small, quick tasks or ‘missions’ by just using their smartphones. The fact that you can work at your own pace, part-time or full-time with complete technical and moral support given by SquadRun is a blessing in disguise.
  • The app gives you an opportunity to use your time more productively and earn secondary income.
  • People do not require any specific technical or background knowledge, someone with good comprehension, pattern recognition, communication skills and an android phone can be an ideal player.

What do you have to do ?

  • You can download the App on your smartphone and get going.
  • The work missions are easy to learn and fun to play, for eg: The missions can range from moderating images, categorising products or reviews to making productive calls for seeking basic product or service related information and generating business leads etc.
  • You can perform these tasks anywhere anytime and once you complete them, these tasks are reviewed by the SquadRun

What’s in it for you?

  • When you complete each mission, you receive SquadCoins which can be exchanged for money in your Paytm wallet and from their directly to your bank account.
  • Now, extra money never hurts anyone and imagine all the things you can do with that extra cash. Shopping spree ladies?

Wait, there’s more!

The app is a one stop solution for each homemaker looking forward to honing their professional skills while performing recreational tasks.SquadRun has a SheSquad working with them and an active member of  which is Mrs. Satnam Kaur, her son is a year old and she believes she can manage the work easily with her responsibilities at home all due to the kind of work adaptability SquadRun offers. And a much similar story of Durga, the wife of an AIS officer who was on a sabbatical for over 11 years when she discovered Squadrun. You can also add a feather to the 6000+ active players working with them. Come to SquadRun, there’s something for everyone.

You can give your career a kickstart by downloading their app here



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