Why I Work from home- Candid Confessions

I often get asked this question that why do I prefer working from home over going to work?

So I decided to make some confessions out here where most women who are working- from-home like me would nod away their heads, and hopefully with these candor I would be able to convince the other half who are yet to take the plunge will be motivated to at least give it a try.

  1. When I started, I made – Nothing!! I started with no expectations of getting paid. You heard it right, after working in corporate sector for 10 years, I had no hopes that a) I will get a decent job working from home b) It will even cover the cost of my internet. I always wanted to do what I liked, and I always had this fear that doing what you love is never going to pay for your bills. In my early days, I only focused on learning opportunities, so that I had a strong base over time. And that’s what happened!
  2. I had no clue what I was doing could be done on a sustainable basis- I tried my hands at a lot many things when I started working from home, basically I spread and stretched myself to as many things possible, so that when it is all over, I would know where I stand and what will be a good balance between what I like doing, and what does pay me a respectable amount for my time.
  3. Going back was no option- I had made up my mind about a few things, I would not go back to my job, and I would not get into sales. I always wanted to remain in the background, and never wanted to be someone whom people will shy away from the moment she walked in- lest she pitches another product! Much as I wanted to, sales didn’t leave me, but still I restricted myself to give in to faster money in the initial days by resisting becoming a retailer or reseller.
  4. I trained as much as I could- I still do!- I decided to take online training, offline workshops, seminars, webinars, read about whatever field I was getting into, and gave my best. If it was about reviews and audits, I learnt what they were online, read lots of guides and resources, and then dug my heels and did it religiously for as long as I could bear. If it still didn’t work out I would move on.
  5. I would bounce off ideas with a best friend or a support group – Often, I would get passionate about one thing, gave it all, and then realise that the money I was making was not even sufficient to cover my fuel expenses! But since I would always end up loving whatever I was doing, learning to say no was a long, painful process. I had a support group and my friends to bounce off my ideas. I would ask them if they thought it was worth my time and energy. My husband would always be very supportive through this decision. Without getting judgmental or making fun of it, my network would help me quit doing what I was doing without getting into a mess, and focus my energies on something else which would at least give me satisfaction.
  6. I persisted, so I prevailed- I made sure I would keep doing what I loved, and when there was a small opening, I would be the first one to apply. I kept my deck of work, published URLs, important emails, and my CV always ready. It helped me in applying to the jobs as soon as they got published. My mailbox used to be full with email templates which I could use without wasting my time. Most Work-From-Home opportunities have a small shelf life, and a large number of people apply for them. Those who apply first, are well organised, prepared, and already doing something or have undergone training are most likely to be selected. Common sense, isn’t it?
  7. I categorised working hour zones- Most often, work-from-home women are asked about their schedules in detail. Initially I simply could not draw a boundary and could never convincingly answer the question because I didn’t know how much time I would be able to consistently give to my work. Not anymore. I now know I have some working hour zones which are totally uninterrupted and these zones are tried to maximise my productivity on. The other times, I simply try and glide through the work which does not really require a lot of attention. So as I am writing this heartfelt blog at 5 am in the morning, this is the time I find myself most creative and flooded with ideas. As the day progresses, the routine life takes over and everything has its own time. My workout, a quick nap and even a cup of coffee with a friend, all has a slot.I am somewhere in the middle of half time working, other half finishing chores. But I rest easy because I have about 3 to 4 safe one hour work zones during the day.
  8. I take one day at a time and don’t fret over the past- I don’t look back, because I don’t have to go that way. I plan my work schedule a day in advance while I am going through anything. It need not be something in detail, but I write down things that I have to do next day. Whenever I come across something interesting that I can use for my work, I mail it to myself, and when I am running low on creative juices, I simply borrow from these stashed references to sail through the day. I do not break my head over how pathetic I am anymore. I just move on.

Work-From-Home  has always been perceived as a step lower than a regular 9 to 5 job. But to say it is easier than working at office is like  living in a fool’s world. A woman working from home has to prioritize a lot more than an office goer who simply tosses all her household work and other chores for the weekend. A work-from-home mother becomes more disciplined with the way she allocates time to every aspect of her life- children, home, family and work. But it does give you a sense of control like nothing else, and if you get an authentic work-from-home opportunities provider like QWEEN, you will definitely enjoy the elation you feel when money gets credited in your bank, every time!



Reach where you want yourself to be- Get a Plan

Get yourself up with a success plan

If you are reading this blog, it is because you want more from your life.  You want to Revamp it! You want more than you have right now. You want more from yourself, you want more in life. Let’s face it, you know you are capable of doing so much more than you are currently doing, but you are just so busy with the day to day of your home routine that you are not even sure where to start

This is where you start. Right here at the very beginning.

You start with making a decision.

A decision that you are tired of putting in lots of hours and not getting the results you want.

The decision that you are ready to refocus, regroup and revamp your life.

The decision that you are sick of playing  it safe and feeling small in life.

The decision that you are ready to go after everything you have dreamed of and desired.

The decision that NOW is that time for you.

Think back to a time in your life where you have accomplished something great. What did you do? How did you achieve that accomplishment? If you analyze your process, I will bet you followed this 3-step success formula:

  1. You decided what you wanted exactly
  2. You looked at where you were at the time, and then
  3. You created a plan to bridge the gap.

That’s it! It sounds so easy. Now, let’s apply this same formula here.
What exactly do you want?

It sounds easy on the surface, but you want to create a goal that is going to worth it. You want it to give you the outcome you are looking for. However, you don’t want it to be so big that it is unrealistic.

You want to stretch yourself to live up to your full potential, but you need to believe you will get there as well. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. We have all heard that we should set goals, but how?

Well, whether you realize it or not, the next five years will be a blur…. and when you get there you will either be asking yourself where the time went and bemoaning that you just didn’t have the time to accomplish anything, or you can smile into the mirror with the realization that you took the time to plan out where you want to be and not only arrive there, but far surpass your wildest imagination.

It can be done!

The power of this process is incredible. It all starts with a far-out goal, followed by a detailed plan of action. Then simply add in the baby steps it will take along the way and you’re almost there.

If you really are thinking which way to look for when you decide to work from home, join us at FREE Work From Home Seminar.

Get the process right , the rest will follow..

The only thing that is stopping you from being YOU is yourself!

The time to start is NOW!

Are you up for it?

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7 Steps for a happier you this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is here, and many people are still wondering what the hype and hoopla is all about.If you think Valentine’s Day is largely associated with teenagers, think again! We have 7 ways for you to think outside the chocolate box and show a little love to the most important person in your life- YOU! The most important part of this exercise is that you make it last long past when the red-and-white heart decorations have been packed away.

  1. Think about your daily life- Evaluate what really makes you feel good. Instead of forcing yourself into things that you don’t really enjoy, do more of the things that make you feel good. If you don’t enjoy your job, work out on an exit plan. There is no reason why you should continue to force yourself into the things that don’t make you happy.
  2. Cut your To –Do List by half-Look at your to-do list, is it pages long? Does it make you feel good or you constantly lose your cool over it? Take a long, hard look at your list,fold it into half. and then tear the list at the middle line. Prioritise one half and then prirotise other, pare it down by 50%. Focus only on have-tos and want-tos instead of things you have on there just because you should. When your list feels manageable, you’ll feel more energized to tackle it.
  3. Pampering is part of your routine- Pamper yourself on a regular basis. Your Hair appointment, mani,pedi are not a luxury, they are a necessity! There is nothing wrong with taking the time to take care of yourself on a regular basis, whether that means a bi-monthly massage appointment or working in the time for a long, hot bubble bath several nights a week. Feeling good shouldn’t be a “treat”—it should be a part of your everyday life.
  4. Weed out people- Too often, we get ourselves tangled into people and their lives which are not really contributing anything enriching to our own life.Distance those obnoxious influences who make you feel bad, even if its family. If you can’t, teach yourself ways in which you would avoid getting affected with what they say or do.Toxic relationships can be a huge barrier to your happiness Do yourself a favor and start investing your time with the people who make you feel good and make your life better.
  5. Raise your voice, and be confident about it- You have really worked hard like every other person. You are experienced and have your own qualities that stand you apart from others.When you aren’t true to yourself and your opinions, it feels bad. You feel disingenuous and dishonest. It is perfectly okay to have your own opinions—in fact, that’s what makes each of us so great! The best thing you can do for yourself is to own those opinions proudly. They may not always be popular, but they are a part of who you are—and those in your life who love and respect you will be okay with that.
  6. Be your own Queen- If you are constantly letting others in your life make the decisions, its time to stop. Quit deferring to others to make them happy. Stand up for the things you want and speak up for yourself. Tonight , you decide whats cooking for dinner.Watch the movie that you want to watch.It is great to compromise some of the time, but when you are constantly putting your own wants and needs aside for the sake of others, you will be unhappy and dissatisfied in the long run.Learn a new skill, join a support group that cares for you, start a new venture, anything that gives you happiness!
  7. Hug and love yourself-  Mark some one-on-one time for yourself. Set a date and day when you will go out and do things you always wanted to do. Spending some me time, doing things that you enjoy is a great way to recharge your batteries.

Investing in your relationship with yourself is just as important as investing in the relationships you have with others—you’ll be able to come back to those relationships happier and recharged.Make loving yourself a year-round commitment, not just an effort you make only on special occasions. You’ll find yourself happier, healthier, and more fulfilled the whole year through.


Sarojini Naidu- A Nightingale’s flight on a broken wing!

As soon as one mentions the name of Sarojini Naidu, ‘the nightingale of India’ flashes in mind.

A Bengali, who had the spunk to marry a South Indian at the time when intercaste marriages were frowned upon, Sarojini Naidu the ‘Nightingale Of India’, was a prolific writer, renowned poet as well as a prominent politician.

She was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress. She was also the first woman Governor of the country.She started writing at the age of 12, won a scholarship to study in UK, came back to the country, participated in Salt Satyagraha, wrote plays, poems, books, articles.

She brought women from different sections of the society together to fight for freedom of the country. She was the front runner for equality and a champion for women empowerment. The tribute that we can give her is through her poem, “ Broken Wings” which sums up what we want our QWEENs to do!

She lived her glorious life by her own words, “As long as I have life, as long as blood flows through this arm of mine, I shall not leave the cause of freedom…I am only a woman, only a poet. But as a woman, I give to you the weapons of faith and courage and the shield of fortitude. And as a poet, I fling out the banner of song and sound, the bugle call to battle. How shall I kindle the flame which shall waken you men from slavery…”

When she suffered a heart attack and died on March 2, 1949, she was still in office. With the passage of time, she and other greats like her are mostly forgotten. However, the vagaries of time and inevitability of death are best described in her own words-

Dream yields to dream, strife follows strife,

And Death unweaves the webs of Life.



The importance of staying true to your entrepreneurial spirit

6 tips to help you succeed in your business

Should I stay or should I go?

This is a question I pondered for a long time as I was building a vision of having my own venture on the side while working a full-time job. It was a tricky time; I needed a stable income, but also wanted to focus more time on my entrepreneurial dream.

So when I was finally able to quit my 9-to-5 job to pursue my passion, I never looked back. And there are many women out there like me, trying to find their own way, straying away from their roots and branching out high in the sky.For 10 years, I worked as high life finance professional. But that was only half the story. Increasingly, I realised that so many small businesses often do not get the kind of treatment they deserve, or respect that they should have only because no one takes women doing business from home seriously. Largely it is considered a way to hide cash income of their businessmen husbands. But QWEEN changed all that.

At our various networking events, workshops and seminars, and even on our websites, we offer an option for budding entrepreneurs to tell us about their entrepreneurial dream so our team could reach out and help them put foundations below it.

We have had a chance to speak with thousands of aspiring and seasoned business owners. Some want to start a fashion boutique or grow their photography hobby into a business. But they are too scared of the necessary time and commitment. We have spoken to many successful business women who want to drive their business further but are overwhelmed by switching to new technology, or maybe increase their marketing efforts online despite the significant benefits their business can achieve.

QWEEN keeps our huddle meets going on by pondering over these questions.

Why do women like them who took a bold step by making a move out of a cushy 9 to 5 job or came out of their homes to start their own venture become complacent?

Why do they settle for “one step forward –two steps back” approach? What can they do better?

Here are 6 tips to consider: 

  1.  Seek continual inspiration- Consider where you can find inspiration to take your idea to the next level, or reaffirm your commitment to serving your target customers.  You must attend workshops, events, meets, and get constant inspiration to nurture your drive. The motivation which you will receive from these motley crowd who did just what you are doing, felt what you have been feeling and suffered as much or more as you are, will give you the necessary courage to surge ahead. You can make new partnerships and grow mutually. Keeping yourself involved in networks (once a week or a few times a month) and staying true to your entrepreneurial roots keeps you connected.  With this grounding, you will never lose sight of why you built your venture in the first place.
  2. Find your labour of love- Starting your business really is a labour of love. You’ll be spending countless hours in building it so you have to enjoy what you do. Initially it may not be profitable, but whether it is profitable or not is beside the point, you first have to learn to love what you do before you actually start building it. Have a leap of faith!
  3. Reap the rewards of risk-taking -Starting a business is the biggest risk of all. But as it continues to grow, it’s important to take calculated risks to stay ahead of competitors. Whatever your goal is, create three separate plans towards achieving that goal, and then be prepared for at least two of those plans to fail. Things happen! So, set aside an allocated budget to take some chances on new initiatives and make peace with the fact that you might lose that investment but others may win big. If you plan correctly, that loss should not be detrimental. The important thing is that you’re taking chances and learning what it takes to run a business. Success today is achieved as a result of calculated risk, careful planning early on and due diligence to stay on track.
  4. Define your why-Ask yourself the reason you do what you do. Is it because you like doing it? What is your true “Why”? At QWEEN, our true WHY was to help small businesses succeed. When determining yours, think about the bigger picture and what motivates you to do your work.By imparting training, discussing ideas, and providing a platform to choose a variety of work-from-home options, we are helping women build and stay in their businesses and support them with the quality of life they want. So what is your why?
  5. Identify what success looks like-Once you’ve determined your why, it’s time to create measureable goals and define what success looks like for you.Does success mean turning a profit? Maybe it simply means having the best bakery in town. Whatever the case may be, the state of your business will fluctuate. So stop worrying about what the competition is doing and stop obsessing about the market. I’ve found that by focusing on the why, the money starts to come anyway. So success for us in general is great feedback and overwhelming responses to our workshops. The smile on the faces of QWEENs is icing on the cake!
  6. Practice patience-It’s no surprise that running a small business is a long journey, so it’s important to exercise patience through the whole process. As an entrepreneur you are the leader of your business. So take a note from the other entrepreneurs of the past and present, and practice as much patience as possible. You are going to have good days and bad days, sometimes very bad days. In order to have the great days, you should be taking risks and trying new things. If you aren’t, you really aren’t growing your business at all.

Whether you’ve been in your practice or business for six months or six years, it’s time to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship. Building a business is a journey with numerous ups and downs. Like any great endeavour, it takes time to establish, but the benefits are well worth the hard work and risks!

Join us at India Entrepreneur’s meet; see your life turn around! Click here and register for the event now!



What does success mean to me -Success is a Journey- Not a Destination

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” –Hunter S. Thompson

After ushering in the New Year, my husband and I were taking down our Christmas Tree and other decorations done in the spirit of holidays. As is always the case with me, this year too I had gone a little overboard, and we were busy sorting out jingle bells, twinkly lights, pine cones etc and putting them away (of course) in their neatly labelled boxes for next year.

While we were removing the ornaments and the lights, it occurred to me that it felt like just a few days before that we were putting up the tree. Time goes by so quickly these days that it seemed like just after putting the tree up, we were there taking it down. And a thought came to my mind…

Why did we spend several hours putting the tree up only to take it down just a short while later? If we’re just going to put it all back in the box, why do we get it out of the box to begin with?

The answer to that silly question came rushing into my mind– it’s for the experience.

It’s for the experience of feeling the joy when it’s dark outside and the tree is lit up and beautiful and the joy it brings in the eyes of my child.

It’s for the experience of the feeling we get when we are anticipating something wonderful that we know is coming, like when my child wakes up to see what Santa has left for him!

This same principle holds true in so many other aspects of our lives.

If I’m going to plan a trip, pack up our clothes, get on an airplane and travel to a mountain, only to get back on the plane again, come home and unpack all those same clothes – why get on the plane at all? Why not just stay home?

It’s for the experience. It’s for the relaxed and peaceful feeling I get when I sit in peace at the resort, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sound of my own breath and generally wondering why I don’t do this more often.

That’s what happens when we decide to change the course of our lives and take a new training course. Or attend a mentorship programme, or a Seminar.

The point of this diversion and getting into learning mode is that we learn in between the time that we start attending the session and finish the session.

The point is that you open up to a new part of your inner self which you didn’t know existed and once you do, nothing is the same.It was for the experience of the change and growth and insights along the way.

So , why should we go through all “this “ trouble of honing new skills, meeting like-minded people, learn a few new things?

The point of all of “this” is the experience of life; to feel good, happy and whole every day.To live in a place of appreciation and wonder for the experience.

The joy we feel in any given moment usually has very little to do with achieving the goals we set, and so much more to do with the experience we’re having on our way to achieving that goal.

The measure of success for your business is not how much money you make, but enjoying the experience of “this” we call life. A Life full of constant learning, gaining new experiences and most importantly useful insights within your true self .Something that you can’t do if you get yourself stuck in the rut.

So, to me, success is defined as-

How I decided to take a new route instead of the old beaten path,

How often I was ready to take on something that I had never done before and started with a bang

How often I lost track of time doing something I loved,

How regularly I really experienced joy and wonder and….yes, also accomplishment?

What if the point of all of “this” was about enjoying the ride? (my list of “this”, which many would call “trouble”, “effort” etc etc)

The more you enjoy the messy and magnificent ride that is life and the life as an entrepreneur, the more success you have.The more pleasure and joy you feel on any given day, the more your bank account shows you that you are living on purpose.The more fun you have, the more money you make.

We are complex and whole people.Why wouldn’t we want to have a thriving business, healthy relationships and a great life?
Why can’t we pour love into our businesses, careers and livelihood as much as we do to the most important people in our lives?
Why can’t we have a career that lights us up, a love that makes us feel alive and have a life that leaves us with a feeling of “Wow! What a ride!”
I believe we all can.
Want to learn more? Join us at our Work-From-Home Seminar Today!

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Letter to Santa by a Work-From-Home Mother!

My Top 10 wish list for Christmas!

Dear Santa

Yes, finally, I could make my reluctant- to- hold- a- pencil- but- ready- to- paint- the- town(and my lacquered ,newly minted walls) -red son to write a letter to you.

Of course I put in ideas in his head as to what he should ask you !

You think you could deliver a rocket to go to the moon and back, a “real gun” and a house made of candy , home delivered , or should I say, Amazon delivered for a 4 year old in a 1500 sq Flat?

Before your cuddly grandpa like ho ho ho becomes Ha Ha Ha , I too have a wish list of my own.

I thought I’d help you out this year since I know a few home-based working moms, and I may be able to tell you what is on a lot of their lists. So to save you some time, I’ve put together the top ten things Work-from-home women want For Christmas

10.  Your Elf please!- We want them badly to help entertain the children so we can get some- in fact- ANY work done.

9.  One more Elf Please !- We want another elf to help get all the Christmas shopping done, yeah, even for online shopping we need one, so while I work on my latest project past its deadline 10 days ago, your elfie can use my phone for online shopping!

8.  And just one elf to wrap all those gifts.

7. Errrrrr… One more elf to decorate the tree, the house , and one to keep watch so the kids don’t knock it over.

6.  An elf would be nice to put those lights up that Hubby has been postponing to get down since Diwali so we could put the new ones for Christmas!

5. One Elf for cleaning up the house, and of course to fold all that laundry! oh please say you will.

4. It would be great if we could borrow Mrs. Claus just to do some Christmas baking for us!

3. And Santa, can you send a personal trainer elf to get rid of some of these extra holiday pounds?

2.  Oh and an extra wonderful, loving elf to watch these lil angels so husband & I can attend a holiday party would  just be perfect!
And Santa, the top thing QWEENs want for Christmas is……


  1. Some of that magical dust for more hours in the day!



What’s inside your Christmas Goodie Bag!

QWEEN brings to you some quirky ideas to add to your Christmas gift hamper for your loved ones! We understand its not easy to be a Santa and with your busy life, you are sure to miss out on fun if you do not have handy gifting solutions for the holiday season!

It’s that time of the year again — festive Christmas songs are playing on the radio, and the holiday mood is in the air. I hope you’re getting ready for the holiday season, because we at QWEEN can’t wait for the holidays to arrive!

The holiday season is a time of love, giving, and sharing. To help you stand out during the best time of the year, we’ve prepared a delightful compilation of holiday gifting ideas!

So leave those boring recycled gifts, and try and gift something to bring out a smile on  the faces of your loved ones!

  1. Gift a DIY cookie/ Dessert Jar- This one is our favourite. It is a lovely gift to be had and shared with family of foodies. Premixed ingredients await butter and milk and a gentle bake inside the oven, which the entire family could do together. Beautiful, loving, and involves the whole family in.cookie-jar

Photo Courtesy- Little Baking Hands

  1. A Cart load of goodies to give away- Here is one thing that your loved ones would love to do. Bulk buy little onesies, sweaters, caps, mittens, shoes and toys. Put them all in a red gunny bag and put a tag- “I gift you the gift of sharing”. Add the address of nearest orphanage or a lower income group kids school or contact details of an NGO. Urge your friend to go to the place and distribute these goodies.The smile, happiness and joy in the eyes of little ones will surely be a lasting memory for your loved one!happy-kids

Photo Courtesy- ashrayainitiave.org

  1. A full day pampering session- Your friend will kiss your feet for giving out this one! Take her kids away, book a home salon service for her and tell her that everything will be taken care of and she should just relax. Because her time to herself is the most beautiful gift you can give her.urban-clap-collagePhoto Courtesy- UrbanClap
  2. Join a cooking workshop together- QWEEN Mentor, TV Host & Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani offers customised classes to suit all your requirements. You could choose your own cuisine or dishes ,select your date and time, opt for classes with your friends, and cook up your own storm in her state of the art studio! You can also gift it to a group of your friends who love to learn new techniques from the master herself..Thoughtful, isn’t it?palate-culinary-collagePhoto courtesy: Palate Cuisine Studio
  3. Gift a fitness programme- Help the person you love in making their new year resolution of getting fitter stick. Gift them a nutrition cum weight loss programme. There are many programmes that are available online, Like the ones by QWEEN Mentor , author, fitness and nutrition expert Tanuja Sodhi. Your gesture is surely going to help them stay on course, as heath comes first for all of us! Better still, join one together so the two of you can stay inspired!tanuja-sodhi Photo Courtesy- Tanujasodhi.com
  4. A cool Photoshoot with your loved ones- Christmas is the time of the year when you can let your hair down, reflect on your one more trip around the sun, and ruminate with your friends about how you would like to start your next year.. What better way than having your loved ones out for a warm sunny lunch followed by a lovely photoshoot! Sounds good? Think of the memories you will make for a lifetime.

Christmas is the perfect way to end an year and usher in the new. Make a fresh start today with these handy tips and wow your loved ones in your quirky gifts!



Karwa Chauth-A celebration of empowered woman

It is that time of the year. The crisp air holds the promise of festivities. And if Dassehra is past, can Karva Chauth be far behind?

There are many feminists who call this festival regressive. They think that to ask a woman to observe fast for her husband is akin to slavery.They fail to understand that most festivals in India are not the games of gender one-up-manship, but have more to do with celebrating relationships.

The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society. One of several factors that justify the greatness of India’s ancient culture is the honourable place granted to women.

Indian women today enjoy almost the similar status they used to have when they were considered an equal in ancient Vedic society.Women were educated in the early Vedic period,married at a mature age and were probably free to select their own husbands. According to ancient Hindu scriptures no important rite can be performed with perfection by a man without the participation of his wife. Wives are thus befittingly called ‘Ardhangani’ (better half). They were given not only important but equal position with men.The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past centuries. Today’s woman is empowered, equally educated, and capabale of taking care of herself and her family. We can see many examples where women are holding steady high profile jobs and man are running homes.

Karwa Chauth is often the punching bag of feminists who consider it feudal, unequal and regressive, and term it to be giving a higher status to men than women.

We think it is one of the most beautiful festivals, where even the story that is reverently read says what an empowered woman can do. The lore is the woman actually brought back her husband from the threshold of death. If that is not empowerment, what is?

On her flight to Singapore, I observed a very famous MD of India’s biggest financial conglomerate declining food and water. At precisely 9 pm, she peeped out her window, saw the moon, joined her hands, and asked for some water. When I looked questioningly- she smiled and said “ Karwa Chauth”. My admiration for her as a woman of steel only went up a notch higher. The one who could move thousands of crores of rupees with just an arched eyebrow could keep the fast even while on the go.It is just a matter of faith, that if it were in my power, I would do anything to keep my loved ones safe. So before calling this celebration of marriage and relationship anti-woman or regressive, acquire knowledge, empower yourself, celebrate karwa chauth for the festival it truly is.

Today’s woman knows that her fasting will not change her destiny, but she does it because she also knows that of all her priorities, well-being of her loved ones is also one of the important ones. This trait of a woman needs to be celebrated. She ,who can do anything in this world, is ready to do anything for her family too!

Because  we believe that if women are empowered, they can move mountains.








4 checks to apply when you wish to attend an event

Planning to attend an event? Read on to know if it is worth your time and money

Imagine going for deep sea diving.You have to prepare for every dive as if it were your last. All checks, oxygen levels to your safety gear have to be done time and again. After all, you do not wish to come out empty handed or injured, do you?Attending an event is exactly akin to this experience.

In this day and age of social media, events are everywhere. You can see scores of events targeted at different audience. There are art events, events for social causes, and networking events. As a first timer, it could get a bit daunting to know which events are good for you and are worth your time and sometimes, money.

How do you know if a particular event you are interested in is good for you? After all, you would be taking out precious time out of your busy schedule, and you should be able to get something out of it. To ensure that, we have prepared this amazing checklist where you can see what will make an event tick for you.

How to evaluate if you should attend an event

  1. Examine the content -Before you sign up for an event, check out the sessions and speaking topics available to attendees. Strive to choose events with a mix of high-calibre speakers you know you can learn from, and topics that address pain points for your business (or your own job). Depending on your reasons for attending, you may also want to look for opportunities to participate in hands-on workshops or different session formats that align with the way you absorb content best. Don’t be afraid to ask the event planners questions to make sure the content jives with what you’re looking for.
  2. Check attendee profile- Depending on your need- whether you wish to learn a new skill, know about a new business or simply network with other like-minded women to grow your horizons, do check the attendee profile. The best way to do that is to join the event related activities on social media. Join the group where event is being promoted, you would know how many people are going, what are they looking at etc. You can also engage yourself in lively discussions on these event forums and come out enriched even before the event has started.
  3. Consider networking opportunities- Some events focus on the content, some focus on the networking opportunities – and the best ones focus on both. If you own a business, or plan to start a new one, you would be hugely benefitted with the opportunities a well balanced event could present to you. You can not only get your hand at trying out new things, but also get a chance to interact with other entrepreneurs, businesses and companies in the field. This will surely help you in further enhancing your business prospects.
  4. Check associates profile- Check which companies are participating in the event. Good ,recognisable brands with sturdy reputation and presentation by their teams is what makes for a successful event. The presence of these companies backing the event should assure you that it is not just another marketing gimmick, and you can come out getting richer in knowledge and experience.

One of the most valuable takeaways you can get from a live, in-person event that you cannot get from other remote forms of education is the opportunity to meet others who are in similar positions to you – or, positions totally dissimilar to yours. Both scenarios are rife with learning potential, and it’s one of the most fulfilling parts of attending events.



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