18 is just a number, and age is just a state of mind

It is never too late to be the person you want to be. You still have your entire future ahead of you. You have choices to make or unmake -dreams to nurture and actions to  take. Is there something you’re longing to accomplish but haven’t even tried yet?

We women are very resilient. We have withered all the tests of time, generations after generations, civilizations after civilizations. We have a creative mind, a soft heart, and a beautiful soul. Don’t let age or any other mental block not let you meet the sweet 18 year old you once were.

You are still the same. You just have to train your eyes to see yourself in that light. Don’t let the spunky 18 year old die, keep her alive in your heart.

Please put yourself first, once you start loving yourself, the life will love you back. I made an interesting observation a few days back while flying. During instructions, the flight attendant said- “Please help yourself with the oxygen mask before helping others”. This is true to us in all walks of life. Please help yourself, create a safety net for yourself, develop a hobby, and reignite a passion. Love yourself, every morning, get dressed as if it’s the most important day of your life, and carry that feeling the whole day.

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