What is Qween?

QQween gives total freedom to your quirky personality and celebrate all that is uniquely you!

WQween is for all women who are young or old, housewives or professionals or entrepreneurs, single or married or moms!

EmQween empowers you to become independent by providing you work from home jobs and business opportunities.

ExQween offers a range of unique and amazing events for you to participate which you can cherish for life.

NQween is a network where women can come to not be judged and to learn and laugh with new friends.


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Do you want to know who Qween is?

Do you wish opportunities to work from home? Do you wish to network with like minded women? Do you wish to be cheered & not judged? Do you wish to have unique experiences? Do you wish to have more friends, mentors, business resources to get a jump start?

Here is what QWEEN is all about!


Meet our mentors to hear their inspiring stories and receive guidance and motivation to create your own

Work from home

Do you want to work from home at your convenience and availability, explore opportunities with business alliances of QWEEN.


Be a part of the awesome network of QWEEN by registering and participating in these exciting events.


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A platform that really works!!

shweta soomaney


Qween is the one who can hold your hand to help you live your dream!feedback

Support given was above expectations!